##The new factory in Cheste (Valencia) was completed this year with an overall investment of 31 million euros.

In 2020, the Valencian company ‘Helados Estiu’ exceeded 30 million litres of ice cream sold, invoiced 75 million euros and created 50 new jobs. The company has continued its investment in Cheste, where it has completed the construction of its new factory, to increase its capacity, with the installation of new technologically advanced lines, thus consolidating an investment of more than 31 million euros.

Today, the Valencian company is already manufacturing in its two plants, in this new plant in Cheste and in its headquarters in Ribarroja de Túria.

Since the outbreak of the Pandemic, the human team has been essential to guarantee the supply, with safety and quality. It should be noted that, despite the difficulties, Mercadona’s supplier did not stop investing or working at any time, increased safety measures even more, and increased employment in order to provide a safe response to the demand.

The increase in household consumption in 2020 is one of the reasons for this growth, but it is different in the current year. The current season is more complicated without the recovery of tourism and with a highly-stressed raw materials market.

Among the novelties, it is worth mentioning the relaunch of the lemon tart and the pistachio mochi. This ice cream inspired by the famous Japanese dessert, with a rice dough coating and creamy ice cream filling involved an elaborate process for the Research + Development department and with it, Helados Estiu, was launched in 2019 to the international market with the Wao Mochi brand. In the 2020 campaign began the consolidation of exports reaching 5% of sales.

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