##Las Cervezas del Mercado by BWK in Mercado Colón of Valencia have presented “La Kimera”…their new gluten-free craft beer.

“La Kimera” is a beer that combines the purest German tradition with the innovation of the craft world. Based on a German beer, malty, full-bodied, intense, they added a little rye and cocoa nibs.

The result is a roasted beer with 6.6%, an elegant and traditional style Dunkelbock, dry, with no residual sweetness, cocoa aroma and balanced by the hops.

BWK focus on classic styles of beer from Märzen to double IPAs. However, they are always seeking to achieve differentiation and personality to elaborate original recipes and ensure there is a taste for everyone. With a production of 1500hL/year, their efforts are focused on ensuring the maximum quality and stability of each beer, taking care of the process and every detail.

All of the beers of this Valencian craft brewery are gluten-free, Bierwinkel are specialists at breaking down gluten without affecting other important proteins in the beer. They strive to reach everyone in a simple way and by producing gluten-free lagers, they can ensure everyone is able to sit back and relax with a “kimera”.

History of Bierwinkel:

Let’s look back at the history leading to this new craft beer “La Kimera”.

In 2002 Bierwinkel created their own Finest Beers Selection, joining in expansion with the Belgian brewery John Martin, SA. In 2010, the German brewery Dinkelacker, Sanwald and the Belgian breweries Huyghe, Bosteels and Belgoo Beer were linked. A few years later the breweries Het Anker and Chimay also joined, to consolidate and expand this unique and select Joint Venture brewery for Spain.

Since 2019, they have worked intensively in the introduction and commercialization of craft beers for the Valencian Community. A good example has been the development and implementation in the last year of the Valencian Craft Beer concept.

Now, they are continuing in their success of previous beers “Tito Jack” and their first malt beer, “beerxit” by introducing their new craft lager beer, “Kimera”. This success is illustrated in the timeless brand image, collaborating with graphic designer, Valencian Manuel Vila each product captures colour and character awakening a happy smile in every customer.

Hear from the CEOs:

Irene Dorado, CEO of Cervezas Alegria, explains: “It was clear to us that now hops are usually the protagonist, we detected the constant concern of the craft beer consumer to find other flavours and decided to get ahead of the new fashion, that of malty beers”.

For the CEO of Bierwinkel, Christian Jardel, “we must always support Valencian craft beers and work with them to increase quality standards and offer with the Valencian Craft Beer concept, a wide range of beers accessible to all types of public and with an exceptional guarantee”, who adds: “We are very happy with the addition to our distribution of Alegría beers, it enriches our portfolio bringing us its freshness and youth as well as its know-how”.

Hopefully you are now familiar with “La Kimera”, now it’s time to grab a bottle and relax ready for the weekend!

Report by Rebecca Edmundson
Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’

‘Las Cervezas del Mercado’
Mercado de Colón
Calle Jorge Juan 19,
Mercado de Colon,
Tel: +34 963 94 35 21

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