On a hot Wednesday morning, I made my way towards the Mercado de Colón. Located just off Gran Via, in what feels like a more upmarket side venture, the Market is home to some famed restaurants and clothing rails on the weekends. Mi Cub, located in the back right corner, is a personal favourite of mine (and not just because of their renowned mini-hamburgers). What makes this hidden gem so unique is their commitment to buying locally sourced ingredients. You will find that practically everything on the menu has been literally bought just downstairs – amongst the stalls and markets located beneath. Additionally, the staff’s warm presence gives the little restaurant a jovial atmosphere.

The ‘plato del bueno rollo’, in other words, ‘the good vibes dish’, thus seems to fit into the restaurant’s image. Created by chef and dietician, Maria Llamas, the dish aims to raise spirits following a tumultuous two years of coronavirus, marred by uncertainty. Llamas specifically chose ingredients representing joy and good health: citrus, tomato, white fish and crispy tiger nuts. It is no mistake that the citrus fruit and the white fish are key food sources in Valencia. In Llamas’ own words, “it is a healthy dish, very nutritious and which, in addition, highlights the value of Valencian and seasonal products”.

Spectators were treated to a live cooking session shared by Llamas and Luis Lazaro, the fishmonger from Martin & Mary that is located on the bottom floor of the market. Lazaro expertly cut into the sea bass before him, explaining his step-by-step process. The journalist and nutritional coach Susana Ollero gave the introductory speech at the event, highlighting the vital relationship between our diets and our emotional wellbeing – not just physical. In her own words, “to recover the joy that characterises us, we can find a fundamental ally in our diet”.

‘Plato del bueno rollo’ is on Mi Cub’s menu as a part of ‘The 4 Seasons of the Terreta’. This is a series of gastronomic initiatives set in place to give value to local and seasonal produce. The white fish soaked in lime and orange juice really did impress all of those who took a taste of the dish. The intention behind its creation, merging food with well-being, seems to accentuate its quality.


Report by Anusha Vasudeva

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’


Mi Cub Address: Carrer de Jorge Juan, 19, 46004 València, Valencia (located within Mercado de Colón)

Tel:963 94 03 59

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