Friendship, like beer, is a brew that nourishes the soul. This is the axiom that defines José Carcavilla’s exhibition, “Entre amigos y cañas” which has just opened at Las Cervezas del Mercado by BWK in Colón and in which this artist invites us to explore a universe full of imagination and originality. Both friendship and beer are best enjoyed in good company, bringing joy. In this exhibition, Carcavilla explores the connection between camaraderie and art, where friendship flows like the foam of a well-served beer: refreshing, comforting and full of shared moments. Each format or surface has a line and breathes its own particular style. Jose immerses himself in his creative process without restrictions, letting himself be guided by pencil and imagination. In his world, a vibrant palette of colours unfolds, along with fantastic creatures, scenes with a touch of humour that adds fun to every stroke.

“For me, they are all monkeys because in Chile we call cartoons animated monkeys,” explains the artist, who adds: “They are never the same monkeys, although their shapes are repeated because there are certain characteristics such as rabbit, mouse or cat ears that I usually do. Then there are some furry ones, another worm type… I also like to put boxes in their hands, and play with their sizes, the good thing is that they can stretch, extend their arms or come out of the mouth of another monkey”.

Each stroke of these illustrations is an invitation to toast, playing with tones and shapes to celebrate the diversity of styles. It’s a fun journey full of good vibes, where the colours bring to life the good vibes that define the spirit of beer. The great variety found in the beers offers a vibrant palette for creativity. Each shade and hue tells a story of friendship and good times and immerses us in a world of beer colours, from the shimmering gold of a pilsner, to the radiant yellow of a wheat beer, to the deep black of a stout.

José Carcavilla was born in Chile in 1987 and has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He has worked as an Art Director in advertising agencies in Chile and Spain, but for the last couple of years he has decided to channel his creativity in a free and passionate way, in order to explore art in its purest form, taking advantage of the materials and how they react. If it is digital, he plays with vibrant colours and clean strokes, but if it is on acrylic, he enjoys the texture, the splashing and the dripping that makes it unique and shows the intention of the brush on the painting. His works have been exhibited in various galleries; he has participated in design projects, collaborated with publishers and audiovisual projects. His focus on illustration and design has made him a versatile and in-demand artist in the creative industry.

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Since 1992, Bierwinkel has been the European beer import and distribution company par excellence in Spain, selecting the most emblematic beers of all types, fermentations, colours, alcoholic strengths, formats and origins of each country, bringing them closer to our culture and making them known. Already in 2002, Bierwinkel created its own Finest Beers Selection, joining forces, knowledge and guarantees of expansion with the Belgian brewery John Martin, SA. In 2010, the German brewers Dinkelacker, Sanwald and the Belgian breweries Huyghe, Bosteels and Belgoo Beer joined forces, followed a few years later by the breweries Het Anker and Chimay in order to consolidate and expand this unique and select joint venture brewery for Spain. They are also working intensively on the introduction and marketing of craft beers from the Valencian Community. A good example has been the development and implementation of the Valencian Craft Beer® concept.

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