Malagasy vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist ‘Kilema’ will be performing on May 14th as part of the L’ETNO Music Festival 2023 at the L’ETNO, Museu Valencià d’Etnologia.Kilema is well-known for his use of indigenous instruments from the south of Madagascar.

He has projected his music to five continents across the world, where audiences have absorbed the cultural tradition of Madagascar coupled with other international influences. The artist has had more than forty years of experience creating music and has released four albums. He uses a broad range of Malagasy instruments like the kabosy (a type of wooden guitar), valiha (a stringed instrument made from bamboo), an acoustic table (similar to a harp) and other traditional instruments native to the country.

Kilema is an ambassador for the culture and music of his home country. He also combines his musical talent with carrying out workshops for children and families, whilst also supporting work to aid disadvantaged communities. Not only is Kilema an extremely talented musician, but promotes an ideology of respect, solidarity, sustainability and inclusion to audiences all over the world. Critics note how Kilema is a born communicator with strong emotional ties to his audience, no matter which country they are from.

Kilema will be playing the marovany, valiha, kabosy, katsá and performing vocals on  May 14th alongside Nesa Randrianantoandro (vocals, melodica and katsá), Manuel Luque (percussion) and Carlos Léon (bass and vocals).

Report by Emily Bray

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May 14th

11.30h -13.30h (concert for family audiences)

Ticket information:

L’ETNO, Museu Valencià d’Etnologia

C/ Corona, 36



Tel: +34 963 883 614


More on the L’ETNO Music Festival:

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