Controversial debate of surrogacy in an event hosted by the Legal Forum of Casino de Agricultura on the 11th of May

Surrogacy remains at the forefront of social discourse, evident in the thought-provoking debate hosted by the Legal Forum of Casino de Agricultura, which united over a hundred individuals all eager to gain insights from the learned perspectives of renowned experts. Pilar Estellés, Associate Professor of Civil Law, Director of the Department of Private Law at UCV (Universidad Católica de Valencia), Isidro Niñerola, a lawyer specialised in Family Law, and Eduardó Chaperón, spokesperson for ‘Son nuestros hijos’ and legal expert, all engaged in a riveting discussion in a panel moderated by José Soriano, Dean of the Valencia Bar Association. The event was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Zapata and Boluda, further enriching intellectual dialogue.

Pilar Estellés took the floor as the initial speaker, firmly voicing her dissent towards the surrogacy system. With resolute conviction, she underscored the inherent ban on surrogacy within Spain, shedding light on the commodification of women and the resultant children, which fundamentally clash with the paramount imperative of safeguarding the welfare of minors.

Following was Eduardo Chaperón, a lawyer and representative of the leading association uniting parents of children born through surrogacy. Drawing from his own personal experience, Chaperón dispelled prevailing misconceptions surrounding surrogacy. With unwavering determination, he advocated for a model that upholds the desire of aspiring parents, while ensuring that the gestational mother retains absolute freedom in her decision-making process, devoid of any economic compulsion.

Lastly, Isidro Niñerola took the floor, an esteemed lawyer specialising in Family Law, former president of the Spanish Association of Family Lawyers (AEAFA), and Director of the Aranzadi Forum on Family Law in the Valencian Community. Steering clear of moral and ethical debates, he firmly asserted that surrogacy is an undeniable reality that cannot be overlooked by the legal realm. Emphasising the vital intersection of law and society, he ardently defended the urgent need for a robust, comprehensive, and well-structured framework to govern this regulation of the reproductive system.

Yesterday marked the second conference organised by the recently established Legal Forum by Casino de Agricultura, following the successful event held last March on the “yes means yes” law. The Legal Forum seeks to emphasise the importance of fostering debates and engaging society in the most pertinent issues of contemporary jurisprudence. It recognises the significance of involving the public in discussions that shape the legal landscape and address the most pressing matters of our time.

About: The Royal Valencian Society of Agriculture and Sport was established in 1859, joining forces with the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country and representatives from the academic sphere in order to advance the areas of agriculture, industry, and the arts. Today, it continues its mission, engaging in numerous cultural activities and maintaining social connections with 60 clubs in Spain and 40 clubs overseas. Involving individual members and corporate partners, the society’s headquarters on Comedias Street serves as a rendezvous, offering meeting rooms, conference facilities, and a variety of services.


Report by Melissa McCrow

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Casino de Agricultura

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