##Situated just off the beach front and in Valencia’s up-and-coming bohemian paradise, Cabanyal, ‘La Fábrica de Hielo’ is worth stepping into. Whilst it is not much to look at from the outside, inside this one of a kind venue is a visual gem that is host to live music concerts, art workshops, locally sourced food and the most authentic indoor market experience – all inside a former factory building. There is no mistaking that this hub is good for the eyes, the ears and the soul.

The name derives from the previous life of these four walls as an Ice Factory, where it kept fish production fresh for the profound fishing industry at Valencia’s port. After being left dormant for some years, its naturally industrial feel lent itself to a quirky and raw space open to new revitalised uses. The well-lit container feels spacious with high-rise walls and indoor plants and transcends a homely feel with the use of patchwork second-hand furniture. The space is now open throughout the week and offers workshops, exhibitions, markets and live music to anybody who wishes to delve into an artistic realm.

Leave time at the door, as when you enter the space you become engulfed in a very special atmosphere that takes you away from the stress of daily life. Ease yourself into a local beer (Turia is a popular choice, named after Valencia’s own Jardín del Turia) and take a second to look up at the uncanny furniture creatively placed on the roof of the bar container situated inside the venue. The drink is not all that is local, as The LFDHº, a foodie festival touring delight, promotes an eating style in correlation with Fábria de Hielo to fit the space. A menu focused on homemade tapas, locally sourced vegetable dishes from the Mercado del Cabanyal, foccacia bread sandwiches and Galician veal burgers will not disappoint you. This can be devoured on Wednesdays-Sundays for dinners and at the weekend for lunches too.

Music and art are at the forefront of entertainment in this venue, a daily programme can be found online at but the Monthly Market is a particularly special event not to be missed. Held on the first Saturday of every month, the space fills with vintage and second hand goods to feast your eyes on. From vinyls to furniture and clothes, each mini indoor store offers something unusual that is kind to the pocket.

Encapsulating the historical with the modern, the market perfectly demonstrates all that this space has been re-born as. Inviting you to a perfect Saturday strolling around each carefully arranged and decorated store, enjoying the live music and snacking on local food and drink, the Market finds joy in the once loved, to be loved again. Go alone or meet with friends, this unique market experience will leave you stepping outdoors and writing it in the diary for next month.

Charlotte King


Carrer de Pavia, 37,
Tel: 963 68 26 19

Zona Cabanyal
Opening hours
Tuesdays:18h -23h
Wednesdays-Fridays:18h -23.55h
Saturdays:11h -23.55h
Sundays:11h -22h
Closed on Mondays

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