“La Ruta de las Especias by Tonino y Carmencita”

The Casino de Agricultura in Valencia recently played host to a captivating event: “La Ruta de las Especias by Tonino y Carmencita”. Far more than a simple lecture, this event delved into the realms of history, chemistry, and botany, leaving attendees spellbound by the narrative woven by the renowned Valencian presenter, Tonino.

Sponsored by Carmencita, Europe’s largest spice company hailing from the Valencian Community, the event was a tapestry of legends, revelations, and sensory delights. Tonino, with his characteristic blend of humour and scientific insight, illuminated the transformative role spices have played in shaping human history and economics.

From ancient civilizations to modern kitchens, spices have held a coveted place, not merely as flavour enhancers but as agents of preservation and cultural exchange. Tonino’s discourse peeled back layers of myths surrounding spices, revealing their true significance in global trade and culinary arts.

One intriguing question posed during the event was whether spice plants communicate with humans – a notion affirmed by Tonino’s expertise. This revelation added a mystical dimension to the already enchanting world of spices.

Moreover, the event served as a platform for exploring the chemistry and botany behind spices. Tonino elucidated on the medicinal properties of various spices, offering practical insights into their culinary and therapeutic uses.

The tasting session, a highlight of the event, tantalised palates with the unexpected sweetness of certain spices, while offering invaluable advice on their culinary application. Culminating in the discovery of a “miracle cure” elixir, the event left attendees both enlightened and invigorated.

Beyond its educational value, the event underscored the rich cultural heritage and societal impact of spices—a testament to the Casino de Agricultura’s commitment to intellectual enrichment. As an institution steeped in history, the Casino continues to foster dialogue and discovery across diverse domains, ensuring its legacy as a hub of knowledge and cultural exchange endures for generations to come.

Report by Abi Kara-Fernandes

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