Mi Cub, the beloved gastronomic haven nestled within the Mercado de Colón, continues its commitment to locally sourced products with the latest additions to its menu: Gambosi and an authentic Mediterranean squid sandwich. These culinary delights, sourced from the waters of Alicante and expertly curated by gourmet fishmongers’ Martin & Mary, represent a fusion of tradition, flavour, and locality.

The Gambosi, or glass shrimp, is a coveted delicacy found only in the waters of Alicante. Its delicate texture and unique taste make it a rare find, and ‘Mi Cub’ is proud to offer this gem alongside its already esteemed menu offerings.

Adding to the allure is the authentic squid sandwich, a tribute to the flavours of the Mediterranean. Luis Lázaro, owner of Martin & Mary, emphasises the importance of using only the finest Mediterranean squid, ensuring that each bite evokes memories of seaside lunches and coastal breezes. “Our squid are the lifelong squids of the Mediterranean, of a unique quality, which will give an authentic flavour to this sandwich,” says Lázaro. “I am very fond of a squid sandwich for lunch… and that is what we have achieved.”

Anabel Navas, director of Mi Cub, echoes the sentiment, emphasising the restaurant’s commitment to showcasing local flavours. “We wanted to expand the lunch menu, and since we already had meat, we decided to bet on fish,” says Navas. “We are delighted that Luis offered us exclusively these squid that he brings directly from the Mediterranean to our table.”

For those seeking an indulgent lunch experience, the option to accompany their meal with Gambosi adds an extra layer of luxury. Sourced from the waters of Calpe, Denia, and Javea, Gambosi is a shrimp known for its delicate skin and exquisite flavour, making it a perfect complement to any meal.

Mi Cub’s lunch offerings, available Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., include a choice between the squid sandwich or a horse meat sandwich, served with crispy field potatoes, tender garlic and honey, and rosemary aioli, added to the menu just a few weeks ago. Guests can complete their meal with cocoa, olives, and beer, with the option to indulge in Gambosi or finish with a cremaet for a perfect finale.

As Mi Cub continues to celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Valencia and its surrounding regions, the addition of Gambosi and the authentic Mediterranean squid sandwich further solidifies its reputation as a destination for those seeking the finest flavours the region has to offer.


Report by Abi Kara-Fernandes

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’


‘Mi Club’

Mercat de Colón,

Carrer de Jorge Juan, 19,


46004 València

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