##Looking for a place where you can enjoy beautiful art and indulge in good food? In that case you may be overdue a visit to ‘Las Cervezas del Mercado’ in Mercado del Colón of Valencia.

The modern restaurant is currently home to an art exhibition called “Reflejos” by the Valencian artist  María Cospedal.

Las Cervezas del Mercado: “The exhibition is articulated through abstraction, geometric composition and colour. Or perhaps, through energy fields that go beyond that and serve as a catalyst for the emotions that will emerge from the viewer. “Reflejos” is the title of this exhibition hosted by Las Cervezas del Mercado by BWK in the lower part of the Mercado de Colón. For this exhibition, María Cospedal, supported by Lupe Fullana, has decided to give a twist to a career highlighted by portraits and figuration, as the Valencian painter, seeks, on this occasion, to reflect through 18 compositions, apparently simple, where what prevails is the colour that vibrates, and expands, inside and outside the limits of space, her soul and also that of the spectator, as her works are a real catalyst of emotions.Colour is the great protagonist. The colour that emerges to the surface through thin layers of paint in the form of glazes that strengthen its strength and presence, emphasising the gestural touch of the hand that paints. The colour that is the soul of these paintings establishes a rhythmic synchrony between them, vibrating next to each other, pulsing the limits of space and thus creating a visual reaction in the spectator.”

María Cospedal: “I want to awaken the imagination, but I also want to go further and make those mixed feelings that each person has a reflection of themselves, of their tastes, likes and personality”, explains the painter, who on this occasion does not look at people, but rather looks inside them.

While admiring the powerful artwork that covers the walls of Las Cervezas del Mercado, enjoy some plates of their tapas and wide selection of craft beers. Using fresh produce from the market, the food at the restaurant is all locally sourced so you can really get a taste of Valencia. With a wide selection of tapas there is a small plate for every taste bud. The service at ‘Las Cervezas’ is warm and friendly, they really ensure you have the best experience at their restaurant, offering recommendations and good conversation Recommended by the chef we tried the mussels, which were incredibly fresh and bursting with flavour.

Full of good food it was only right to try one of their many craft beers. If you are a beer lover, you must add ‘Las Cervezas del Mercado’ to your to do list. Choose from a wide selection of craft beers made for every preference. If you’re taking it easy with the beers on your visit you can buy a bottle of your desired beer to take home with you and save it for later!

The modern setting of the restaurant bursting with colourful tiles and kitchenware is a bright and happy space for you to enjoy some good food, beer and artwork!

Report and photos by Rebecca Edmundson
Article and photos copyright Rebecca Edmundson / 24/7 Valencia

Las Cervezas del Mercado:

Mercado Colon:
Address: Jorge Juan, 19, 46004. Valencia. España
Open and closing times: Monday through Thursday from 7:30am to 2:00am/ Friday and Saturday from 7:30am to 3:00am

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