The Valencian artist experiments with recycled materials and invites visitors to create their own piece. A former industrial engineer, he left behind his career in self-propulsion to let himself be driven by his playful and creative impulses.

Opening on November 10th 2022 at the Mercería de Valencia gallery, ‘Let’s Play’ is Jacobo Eid’s new exhibition which puts forward a playful and collaborative experience. The exhibition will present pieces designed to be modified by the visitor, thus transforming spectators into artists. Furthermore, on Saturday the 12th, 19th and 26th there will be workshops for children, allowing them to develop their creativity in a space crafted for them to let loose their imagination. 10% of all sales will go to la Casa Ronald McDonald, a charity dedicated to funding relocations to Valencia for children who need extensive medical treatment in the city.

Jacobo Eid is an industrial engineer with a long career around the Almussafes Ford factory, who added to his engineering degree with a Masters in Product Design from Milan and studied Fine Art in Valencia’s Polytechnic University. The multidisciplinary character of his studies, along with his engineering career, allow him to create concepts and develop production techniques that are outside the box. With ‘Let’s Play’ he will showcase his recent research with works created from toys that are broken down in the factory as they do not meet quality standards. With this concept, a new plastic language is being presented, whose development has the potential for application in industrial design and architecture.

Gallery owner Tomás March stated, “For a long time… I have been able to appreciate Jacobo Eid’s inexhaustible search for plastic solution, with a rare capacity to find unusual recycled materials with a playful and creative impulse. I have no doubt that he deserves all the good he can achieve in the world with this singular determination.”

Jacobo Eid’s pieces transport the viewer to childhood, as they seek to transmit; purity, vitality and energy because as he explains “I want to achieve that people submerge themselves in that period when everything was carefree, full of laughter and love.” Adding to this he maintained, “each one of my pieces makes you remember the happiness that hides behind an ice cream… in making new friends and waking up each day eager to live new adventures. They invite you to get excited about simple things. Paraphrasing Antoine de Sain-Exupery “the essential is invisible to the eyes.”

His creation is free and without restrictions, forging a new universe with plastic, childish innocence and imagination. Pool toys are melted down to create abstracts and his resin vinyls are reminiscent of giant lollipops. He practices minimalism in oil paintings where he recreates paint palettes in order to delight the eye with the pure joy of colour. Jacobo Eid seems to have found happiness in playing and painting in partnership with the child he once was, and he invites us to share in this adventure with him.

The exhibition will open on November 10th from 17:30h to 22:00h at La Mercería gallery and will be open until November 27th.

For more on the artist:


La Mercería

Tel: +34 630 72 36 01

Address: C/ Moratin 7, bajo izq. 46002 Valencia


Ronald McDonald Foundation


Report by Danny Weller

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’

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