##The company introduces its new own brand Vemondo to respond to the new needs of its customers and the high growth in the consumption of plant-based products among the Spanish population.

Lidl reinforces its leadership in the veggie category and launches its exclusive Vemondo brand, a wide range of more than 140 vegan and vegetarian products.

Lidl has become the supermarket with the largest vegan and vegetarian offer in Spain. A milestone that has propelled it to lead the ranking in the sale of veggie products that replace meat and meat derivatives in our country: according to a recent Kantar study published in December 2020, Lidl is already number 1 in both market share (22.5%) and customers (+ 1.3 million households).

According to data obtained by the Nielsen consultancy, the plant-based products market has registered a record growth of 48% in Spain in just two years, reaching 448 million euros*.

Currently, 10% of the Spanish population considers itself veggie -vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian- (more than 4.4 million people). A rising trend and a phenomenon that is changing both the mentality of consumers in general and that of the food industry: it is estimated that by 2023 this figure will have risen to 14.4% of the population, while by 2025 it will reach 16.5%.

With its new Vemondo brand, Lidl reinforces its position as the chain with the widest range of veggie products in Spain, with more than 140 references. In addition, all products in the new veggie line are “carbon neutral”, which guarantees that the direct greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions resulting from the entire product supply chain are offset through certified climate protection projects.

Undoubtedly, this is a category on the rise in our country and in the rest of Europe. According to data obtained by the consulting firm Nielsen, the plant-based products market has registered a record growth of 48% in Spain in just two years, reaching 448 million euros. Sales volume increased by 20% over the same period, reaching 265 million L/kg*. In addition, the European vegan products sector has grown by 49%, reaching a total sales value of 3.6 billion euros over the past two years.

New consumer trends that transcend the strictly veggie segment.

10% of the population in our country already considers itself veggie (vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian). In other words, there are already more than 4.4 million adult veggie consumers in Spain. A figure that, according to forecasts, will increase considerably in the coming years: in 2023, the Spanish vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian population could stand at 14.4%, while in 2025 it will reach 16.5%. More and more users, aware of the need to limit meat consumption and concerned about the environmental impact, are deciding to make changes in their shopping basket and try meat substitutes. New consumption needs that transcend the strictly veggie segment, which large-scale distribution is preparing to address.

“At Lidl, we are looking to respond to the new needs of our customers. The vegan and vegetarian product category is clearly on the rise throughout Europe, and we have been working for a long time to strengthen our veggie product range in the countries where we operate, as always with the best quality at the best price. We want to be your reference supermarket, within everyone’s reach. With the launch of our new own brand Vemondo, we have managed to offer the widest and most complete veggie assortment of large-scale distribution in Spain, with 140 products,” says Miguel Paradela, general manager of Purchasing at Lidl Spain.

Vemondo, the most complete and innovative veggie assortment available to everyone.

Lidl currently has the widest and most complete assortment of veggie products in large-scale distribution in Spain. Under its new brand Vemondo, the company offers 140 references of the best quality and at the best price, with which it is possible to follow a complete and balanced vegetarian or vegan diet. The breadth of Lidl’s Vemondo veggie assortment is noteworthy compared to that of the leading supermarket chain in Spain, which only has 23 of its own products.

Lidl’s new veggie assortment is characterized by variety, innovation and value for money. Among the products on offer are cauliflower-based pizza bases at 2.99 euros, vegan ice creams in tubs and sticks from 1.99 euros, Wakame at 1.99 euros, quinoa salads at 1.49 euros, Veggie Mix at 2.49 euros and soy-based meatballs at 2.49 euros, among other new items. In fact, Lidl is particularly noted for its own ‘meat that isn’t meat’ recipes.

The boom of its ‘meat that is not meat’ burger, or how Lidl was able to respond to a global phenomenon with its own brand.

After the unprecedented success last 2020 with the launch of its first vegan ‘meat that is not meat’ burger, the first in Spain under its own brand – which exceeded sales expectations by up to 10 times in less than a month – and the demands of its users, the chain recently expanded its offer in response to new food trends that seek a niche for the carnivorous public within the veggie sector. Its hamburgers, scallops, minced meat and vegan Bratwurst, which imitate the taste of meat of animal origin, have become one of the most successful meat substitutes on the international market today, with a format and price accessible to all budgets.

Carbon-neutral” products: offsetting greenhouse gas emissions

All Lidl’s Vemondo products are “carbon neutral”. With this, the company reports that the direct greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions generated throughout the supply chain of these products, during manufacturing, packaging or transport, are offset through certified climate protection projects. Specifically, the investment will go to three internationally recognized projects: promoting renewable energy in India, making water drinkable in Eritrea and contributing to reforestation in Uganda (more information at

“Our commitment to sustainability is firm and absolute, and is present in all the company’s activities and projects. Our commitment to sustainability is firm and absolute, and is present in all the company’s activities and projects. Our commitment to the veggie category and to being carbon neutral is another example of our commitment to the fight against climate change,” concludes Paradela.


Lidl’s commitment to Spain

From its responsibility as a large company, Lidl is working harder than ever to reinforce its commitment to Spain and make a decisive contribution to the country’s economic, labor and social development in the current difficult context. In this sense, the company continues to generate wealth throughout the country by opening new stores and logistics platforms, creating new quality jobs and purchasing more national and regional products, promoting and internationalizing the businesses of its suppliers. All this while being close to the most vulnerable groups with projects that improve their lives, without ever renouncing sustainability as the main focus of its activity and always offering the cheapest shopping basket on the market to its customers.

About Lidl

Lidl is a food distribution chain that has been present for more than 25 years in Spain, where, thanks to the growing trust of its customers, it is already the third largest operator in the sector in terms of market share. Today, it has a network of more than 630 stores and 11 logistics platforms and a workforce of more than 17,000 employees. Lidl also works closely with some 850 national suppliers from whom it buys product worth €5.2 billion a year, exporting more than half of it.

Lidl Supermercados is the Spanish subsidiary of the German Lidl Stiftung, which together with the hypermarket chain Kaufland makes up the Schwarz Group, the fourth largest food retailer in the world. Lidl as a group is the leading supermarket chain in Europe and is present in some thirty countries around the world, with a structure of more than 11,200 stores and around 200 logistics centres and a workforce of more than 310,000 people.

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