1. Could you tell us something about your background, travels and experiences?

I’m from London originally but have always travelled and met Danilo when I was living in Rome. I was working in Television but dreamed of running my own restaurant or beach bar. We spent 7 years in Australia; Danilo was an acclaimed head chef and I was directing an award-winning design show so I think our friends thought we were crazy to give it up and move to Valencia to open Anómalo! But I don’t regret it for a minute…

I lived with my nonna (grandmother), father, brother, aunts and uncles in the centre of Rome. My nonna was amazing; she had to cook for 10 people every day, so started very early each morning. One of my earliest memories is waking up to the smell of a delicious sauce being prepared – I learnt so much from her! So it was inevitable I became a chef. After working for years in Rome, I moved to London with Amanda then to Australia, so I’ve been lucky to experience many different cuisines.

2. How do you find Valencia as a place to live and work compared to other cities?
London has a multi-cultural cuisine; it was very exciting and challenging to work there, particularly in a gastro-pub. But everyone rushes around, I’m not sure they always have time to savour what they’re eating.
Sydney cuisine has an Oriental influence, which is fascinating. But the biggest surprise was how early they eat dinner!
Valencia is more like Rome; I can buy wonderful fresh produce daily from the local market and people have great respect for food. We’re so happy that our customers have time to sit and chat with us after they’ve eaten; it’s like being at home with friends!

3. What kind of cuisine can we find dining at Anómalo?

Simple dishes, full of flavour and love. The menu changes weekly; everything from Artichokes alla Romana to veal tongue and Panna cotta with Orujo liqueur!

Calle de la Cruz, 4 (near Torres de Serrano)
Zona Barrio del Carmen
Tel: 679 580624
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 13h – 16h / 20.30h – 23h
Sundays:13h -16h
Closed Mondays

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