Mi Cub, the only gastronomic market space where you can eat freshly made products from the market itself, organised a comparative tasting with Voravins to distinguish two vintages of the same wine: Mestizaje Blanco (2021 and 2022).

The aim of all the wineries, once they have achieved the wine they want, is to try to maintain a continuity that is never exact, as the weather conditions mark the product and even more so if the wine is organic, like all the wines made in Bodega Mustiguillo’s own Denomination of Origin El Terrerazo. Climatology marks organoleptic differences that can only be detected, sometimes, by experts.

Thus, the 21st vintage of Mestizaje Blanco, due to the weather, a year that marked the seasons very well, is more complex, with a very good intensity and complexity on the nose, with notes of fruit but also of Mediterranean scrubland. Very round, balanced and fresh on the palate. A vintage with a good evolution, to drink now or to keep.

The 2022 vintage was marked by the lack of rain and the heat, it is fruitier and has a strong sensation of stone fruit. The palate is warmer and with a heavier sensation. “It is a more immediate vintage”, explained Miguel Donat from Voravins, who explained all the details of each of these vintages.

For pairing, Anabel Navas, director of Bierwinkel, chose a Comté cheese (18 months) from Rodolphe Le Menier (Tours), south of Paris, which, as José Manglano explained, “is still juicy after so many months, but gives a touch of bitter and lactic aftertaste, exceptional” and added that “the fresh and youthful touch of the wine in this pairing is perfectly clean but at the same time the aftertaste maintains the personality of the Mestizaje Blanco”.

They also paired it with the Russian Salad and Sardine Doughnut from Bota de Almamarina, which is not salted because the producer from Torrevieja works the salted fish without using salt directly, but salted with the salty environment, so that the sardine tastes like sardines. The Russian salad is made with vegetables from Frutas y Verduras Fina, from the Mercado de Colón, and the buttery touch of this tapa brings out the festive flavour of the Mestizaje and gives it that unique aftertaste. The whole pairing will remain on the menu throughout the summer.


Report by ‘24/7 Valencia’ team

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Mi Cub Address:

Carrer de Jorge Juan, 19, 46004, València

(Located within Mercado de Colón)

Tlf. 963 94 03 59

Opening and closing times: 10:00 a.m. / 1:00 a.m.

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