Las 4 Estaciones de la Terreta is what ‘Mi Cub’ celebrates each season with the arrival of a new season and a new dish on its menu, always created by experts and with local, market and seasonal products. And this winter it is the turn of the Boot Sardine, which with a Russian salad and rosquilla  pastry will be an apéritif that unites tradition and innovation, thanks to Alma Marina…a benchmark regarding the cuisine of the great chefs  to be found in the ‘Mercado de Colón’ of Valencia.

Like every season, ‘Mi Cub’ goes for quality, proximity and Valencian Community products. In this case, its famous salad made with fresh vegetables from the greengrocer of the Mercado de Colón of Valencia and is accompanied by a traditional rosquilla  crowned with a semi-salted sardine with an intense flavour. This has been explained by Toni Pérez de Alma Marina, “we reduce the traditional  process  with a specific brine concentration for a few days, to get a product with a ‘Japanesque’ texture and the lifelong ‘bota’ flavour ”. The choice of this product is linked by the tradition and history that sardines have in the Mediterranean diet.

The salted fish produced by this Alicante company have reached the top of the national gastronomic scene and many of the most recognized chefs already use it, as Toni Pérez explained in the presentation, that when deciding on this cover, he marinated the salad with his style of making these types of  sardines, a style created after studying it for years, and get, so “ the special thing about this sardine is that it is much more natural and fresh than usual. It is tender and juicy with a spectacular texture.”

For Anabel Navas, director of Mi Cub, she reflected that with the Alma Marina quality sardine and the salad made with vegetables from the market itself, make it “an essential delight for a great appetizer.”

And like each season, this tapas can be enjoyed with a Turia Beer, a Valencian beer that stands out for its great aromatic richness and touches of citrus, which makes it an ideal companion for this aperitif.

This action is framed within Las 4 Estaciones de la Terreta. A series of gastronomic initiatives, launched by ‘Mi Cub’ coinciding with the different seasons of the year, and whose objective is none other than to give value to local and seasonal products.

Report by ‘24/7 Valencia’ team

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

Mi Cub Address: Carrer de Jorge Juan, 19, 46004 València,

(located within Mercado de Colón)

Tel:963 94 03 59

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