Miguel Muñoz is a multidisciplinary artist who manages once again to impress us with his latest exhibition, “Del Papel al Pixel” (From Paper to Pixel), which opened yesterday at Las Cervezas del Mercado Colón by BWK. The exhibition shows a hybrid character, between paper and digital, expressing his desire to capture an individual and collective experience in his images. The pixel is the foundation of the new aesthetic. Pop is the origin. This exhibition is the transition.

“The term avatar comes from Sanskrit and is related to the Hindu god of protection and goodness. Later, this concept was adopted by video games in the 1980s, adapting to the English meaning of the term, which carries a sense that is both religious and profane: to manifest and reincarnate oneself. The new communication technologies have fostered this passion for the mask, the fascination with the digital image, both secular and transformative. In this context, it is not surprising that Miguel Muñoz’s work is mutating, becoming permeable to the textures and atmospheres of the digital world”, explains Fran Ayuso, professor of Cinema at the Universitat de València.

“For me, collage is like drawing with scissors. I can use anything to make one of my works”, explains Muñoz, who adds, “in the end it’s a wonderful way of recycling and although my creative process may seem chaotic and anarchic, everything makes sense, although sometimes it’s not what I was looking for or had in my head, but I almost always like it better than the original idea I was thinking of developing”.

The greatest scholar of Muñoz’s work, Professor Ayuso, believes that “his artistic gesture is that of an eternal return of sorts, recovering icons of popular culture that are acquiring an unusual vitality, trying to capture significant moments in an increasingly fragmented world” and for this reason, he recalls the film Time in His Hands (George Pal, 1960) because, as in Muñoz’s works, “they travel through a time without limits, always in movement, trying to capture what is imperceptible, a random movement, transforming space to the point of introducing the fantastic into the everyday, offering us the possibility of choosing the avatar with which we can join this unstable movement”.

Las Cervezas del Mercado Colón offers tastings, art exhibitions, beer presentations and events of all kinds. Its cool and charming atmosphere comes with 150 different Valencian and imported craft beers making it an essential place for beer lovers! For those who don’t like beer, no fear! They also offer high-quality cuisine with ingredients that come from the stalls of the Mercado de Colón: freshly made pinchos and tapas, with lots of produce from the market itself, original salads, traditional and special snacks.

Report by Sabina Redfern

Article Copyright 24/7 Valencia

Las Cervezas del Mercado Colón

Carrer de Jorge Juan, 19, 46004 València, Valencia


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