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24/7 Valencia: What is the concept of this new book and album?

Antonio J. Iglesias: I have created an imaginary music scene set in the crisis of 2009-2012. Through it, I make visible characters of the Valencian underground culture, including ephemeral emblematic places and attitudes. The album is a fake compilation of eight imaginary artists. It is a ‘fake’ creation and I mix reality and fiction. It is an invitation to look beyond what normally meets the eye. The name of the book and album is ‘Valencia miope. Underground en tiempos de crisis 2009-2012.’ The publisher is ‘Editorial El talón de Aquiles’.

Describe the different musical genres…

I’m more about anti-labels than labels and over-understood genres. Soviet rock and roll or spectral schizofolk are not free baptisms! If you listen to the songs, you will taste the ingredients. In the song ‘canto cavernario’ maybe it is clearer than other tracks. The book and album overall is an invitation to think for yourself and, if I try to explain it to you…I’ll just confuse you more.

 Is Valencia becoming a better place for live music and recording studios compared to 15 years ago?

I imagine that recording studios have (d)evolved forward, the concept of a recording studio is much broader than in the old days when they were just high ceilings. Nowadays, a recording studio is a bit more affordable. Regarding live music, we are not at the level of the so-called first world. Spain in general has a legal vacuum to be resolved.

What do you think of Valencia as a place to live and work, compared to Madrid?

As a home base, there is a more relaxed pace in Valencia than in Madrid and a better quality of life too. However, the line between temperance and lack of rebelliousness is a very fine one. The climate and the light in Valencia help and the lower cost of living too. Madrid is a city with a more ruthless pace of life and a different concept of distance and the importance of projects; Valencia is half city and half village… with all that that entails. After 16 years here, I have a double passport and at the moment I can combine it. Ha, ha, ha! (laughs)

 Please tell us more about your upcoming concert at ‘La Batisfera’ as part of the Muv! Festival…

It will be an intimate show, from a fake radio booth in which I will put myself in the shoes of the eight artists from the album, ‘Valencia miope’ that goes with the book and some tracks from my previous work, ‘Revisionista’. I will be supported live by the Valencian noise artist ‘mono33’ on electric guitar, FX and e-bow. I will sing and play just an acoustic guitar this time. And via the airwaves… I’ll communicate with space.

Everybody is welcome!

Interview by ‘24/7 Valencia’ team

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Antonio J. Iglesias (live)

February 25th




C/ Reina, 167

Valencia, Valencia 46011

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