NEW art exhibition at ‘Bombas Gens’… “Carteles Berlanguianos” FROM APRIL 20th

The opening will take place tomorrow, 20 April, at 6 p.m. for all audiences. More than a hundred young people, through action, fun, dialogue and plastic creativity, give the keys to the filmmaker’s personal viewpoint and the Mediterranean spirit of the Valencian filmmaker. “The Berlanguian poster, when a surname becomes an adjective”, was the title of the educational workshops in which 80 young people created film posters. Designed by Paco Sales & Isabelle Bonet of Atelier d’Arts and promoted by the València City Council, through the Department of Tourism, in several sessions 80 young people learned, through action, fun, dialogue and plastic creativity, the keys to Luis García Berlanga’s personal look and Mediterranean character. Tomorrow, the exhibition “Berlanguian Posters” will be inaugurated at Fundació per Amor a l’Art- Bombas Gens as a tangible result of all this work. It will be at 18:00 hours.

The exhibition can be visited until 8 May and includes 40 posters created by the children who took part in the workshop on four selected films: Bienvenido Mr. Marshall, Calabuig, Los Jueves milagro and Plácido. The workshop participants had the opportunity to put into practice the craft of poster design, using two communication codes, image and text. In addition, a preparatory workshop for the exhibition took place in which 25 young people learned the language of exhibition and how to display works with the help of 12 students from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Valencia.

All the participants understood the bittersweet, overcrowded and nonsensical comedy that the Valencian filmmaker used as a vehicle to express his vision of the world, at a time when expression was not free. All visitors will see this new vision of the filmmaker’s mission and enjoy how the transcendence of such a recognisable and appreciated work has become part of the popular language. The exhibition also demonstrates the importance of the poster and the duty of capturing the essence of a film in a static image, as visitors walk around the room analysing the posters of Berlanga’s work.

“The Fundació Per Amor a l’Art is known for collaborating with other institutions, both public and private. So this is another proof that we do what we say we do and we are delighted to do it because we have helped these children discover, learn and enjoy a lot of things in our building”, explains Susana Lloret, vice-president of the Fundació Per Amor a l’Art-Bombas Gens, who adds: “When Teresa Cebrián proposed these workshops and then to show the result in an exhibition, we didn’t hesitate for a second. We have the facilities and, above all, the desire to share them, which is the most important thing”.


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The Fundació Per Amor a l’Art (FPAA), a private, family-run foundation, carries out its threefold artistic, social and research activity in the refurbished former Bombas Gens factory in Valencia. The Per Amor a l’Art Collection has a collection of 2,629 works of art by 221 authors, advised by Vicent Todolí and which, through various exhibitions and activities, is shared in its exhibition space. Its work related to the social integration of minors at risk of exclusion and support for people with Acquired Brain Injury is carried out through its Social Area. It also promotes research and dissemination of rare diseases, especially Wilson’s disease.


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