Javier León Sorribes is the author of such successes as ‘Así conseguí jugar en el Valencia, Una aventura albinegra and Una aventura Taronja’, published with Editorial Sargantana; and ‘Cuentos clásicos for today’s girls and CV Teruel. Una aventura naranja’, published with NPQ Editores. The writer now conquers the public with a new adventure that goes beyond football. It underlines values such as companionship, integration and friendship: ‘La nueva capitana del Levante UD.’

Thus, we will meet Paco, Natalia, Lorena, Alba, Andrei and Marcos. They are children with different types of functional diversity and who play for Levante UD EDI. After many years, Levante UD is back to play in the final of the Copa de Rey (the King’s Cup) and they are very excited, but a toxin will make everything go wrong for the team. At the same time, it will change their lives in one week. The fact is that the Levante side have almost the entire squad on sick leave due to the toxin and everything indicates that the culprit is Tania’s father. Paco and his friends will have to find out where the toxin has come from, stop the culprit and find out who is responsible, prove that Tania’s father has nothing to do with it and, as if that wasn’t enough…help to win the final of the Copa del Rey!


Report by Will McCarthy

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’


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