Monzón is getting ready to welcome one of the most outstanding experts in the protohistory of the Holy Grail, Dr. Ana Mafé García. The eminent researcher will give a conference not to be missed on Saturday 18 November, as part of the 3rd Historical Novel Conference, which will be held in the Assembly Hall of the Casa de la Cultura in Monzón from 11:45 a.m. onwards.

A decade dedicated to unveiling the mysteries of the Holy Grail: The academic journey of Dr. Ana Mafé García

Dr. Ana Mafé García has devoted years of her life to the meticulous study of the protohistory of the Holy Grail. Her renowned contribution to the knowledge of the Holy Chalice of the Cathedral of Valencia and the Holy Grail of Aragon is the fruit of hard academic work backed by a doctorate that has left an indelible mark on the field of historical research.

Her doctoral thesis, which has been published in the United States by the prestigious publishing house ProQuest, unravels the Christian oral tradition that has persisted uninterruptedly for two millennia. Dr. Mafé García has applied a scientific and replicable methodology to shed light on the enigmas surrounding the Holy Grail, challenging conventional conceptions and bringing a unique perspective to the historical record.

All her work is collected in her book “The Holy Grail”, which will be available for purchase, signed by the author herself, on the day of the conference in Monzón.

From the Academy to the Screen: Dr. Ana Mafé García’s legacy in Netflix’s “Mysteries of Faith”.

Dr. Ana Mafé García’s impact is not limited to academia; her work has transcended the boundaries of historical research to reach a wider audience. Her doctoral thesis is currently the subject of a chapter dedicated to the Holy Grail in the series “Mysteries of Faith”, which is being broadcast on the streaming platform Netflix.

Dr. Mafé García, with her insight and communication skills, has managed to bring the mysteries of the Holy Grail into homes around the world. The series, which delves into the deepest aspects of faith and history, provides a unique window for audiences to explore Dr. Ana Mafé García’s cutting-edge research.

The conference in Monzón: A unique opportunity to delve into the secrets of the Holy Grail

The event in Monzón promises to be a unique day, where Dr. Ana Mafé García will share her most recent discoveries and offer a unique perspective on the protohistory of the Holy Grail. The Assembly Hall of the Casa de la Cultura will be the setting for this fascinating meeting from 11:45 am on Saturday 18 November.

The audience will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the intricate details of the Christian oral tradition that Dr. Mafé García has unravelled in her research. In addition, the historical connections between the Holy Chalice of the Cathedral of Valencia and the Holy Grail of Aragon will be explored, providing a comprehensive view of the importance of these treasures in Christian history.

At this 3rd Conference of Historical Novels in Monzón, the work carried out by the Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail in Aragon will be publicised through activities such as that carried out by its president, Dr. Ana Mafé García.

How to attend: Practical details for those interested

Dr. Ana Mafé García’s conference is free of charge and open to the general public. It is expected to be in high demand, so early arrival is recommended to ensure a seat. The Assembly Hall of the Casa de la Cultura de Monzón offers a welcoming atmosphere for this momentous event.

In short, the III Jornadas de Novela Histórica en Monzón promises to be a milestone in the exploration of the protohistory of the Holy Grail, thanks to the outstanding presence of Dr. Ana Mafé García. The combination of her academic experience, her internationally published doctoral thesis and her participation in the Netflix series offers a unique experience for all lovers of history and faith. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the secrets of the Holy Grail next Saturday in Monzón!

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