The ‘Innovation Radar 2020’ study rated Lidl’s Skyrella cheese as the most innovative product of the year.

Lidl innovates once again and presents its new high-protein Skyr Frozen ice creams.

The company thus expands its acclaimed gastronomic assortment rich in protein in its Skyr line, low in fat and high in probiotics, in response to new consumer trends and the needs of its customers.

On August 21, Lidl launches the new Skyr Frozen ice creams, in tubs and on sticks for less than 2.5 euros, and expands its range of protein products with a new variety of high-protein yogurts.

Skyr is a fresh cheese with the texture of Greek yoghurt from Iceland, where it has been consumed for centuries, and contains much more protein and far fewer calories than traditional yoghurt.

Lidl is expanding its range of protein products, following market trends, and from this Saturday expands its range of high protein products with the new variety of high protein yogurts and a new and innovative launch: Skyr Frozen ice creams. A new and wide gastronomic assortment, rich in protein, low in fat and high in probiotics that can help improve the intestinal flora.

The launch of the new Skyr Frozen ice creams is one of the great novelties of the moment, with Lidl the first supermarket to anticipate market trends and offer this ice cream with authentic Skyr recipe, with a soft and creamy texture, high protein content and 0% fat.

Skyr is a fresh cheese with the texture of Greek yoghurt from “Viking” Iceland, which contains much more protein and far fewer calories than traditional yoghurt. Classified among the new “superfoods” and known among foodies as “fake yoghurt”, it began to be consumed in the fitness world and is currently gaining great popularity among the general public, due to its high protein and low fat content, its high calcium content and its high probiotic content, following the original recipe of the Vikings. The new and innovative ice creams will be available in two formats: in a pack of two 166ml tub cups, with natural yogurt or blueberry and elderberry flavor at 1.99 euros per pack; and in a stick format with cherry or blueberry and elderberry flavour in a pack of 4 units at 2.49 euros per pack.

Lidl’s Skyr, the most innovative product of 2020

Last May, the consultancy firm Kantar and the Promarca association rated Lidl’s Skyrella (Skyr cow’s cheese in mozzarella format) as the most innovative product of 2020 in its ‘Innovation Radar 2020’ report. Lidl launched its Skyr range more than five years ago and currently has in its assortment Skyr yogurts in various flavors and sizes, drinkable Skyr with fruit, Skyr To Go, Skyr spreadable cheese, Skyrella cheese in mozzarella format and, the latest novelty, Skyr Frozen ice cream.

Expansion of the range of protein products with Milbona high protein yoghurts.

In its commitment to innovation and market trends, Lidl is expanding its range of Milbona own-brand yoghurts with new high protein yoghurts, the new variety of high protein yoghurts. A new assortment in 200g tub format with a 20g protein content and available in 4 different flavours: peach and orange, blueberry, cherry and Aronia berry or raspberry and pomegranate. All of them at a price of 0,55 euros per unit.


Lidl’s commitment to Spain

From its responsibility as a large company, Lidl works more than ever to reinforce its commitment to Spain and contribute decisively to the economic, labour and social development of the country in the current difficult context. In this sense, the company continues to generate wealth throughout the country by opening new stores and logistics platforms, creating new quality jobs and purchasing more national and regional products, promoting and internationalizing the businesses of its suppliers. All this while being close to the most vulnerable groups with projects that improve their lives, without ever renouncing sustainability as the main focus of its activity and always offering the best value shopping choices on the market to its customers.

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