LINDT CHOCOLATE: “Lindt EXCELLENCE completes its range of high percentage tablets with 100% cocoa.
Made only with pure cocoa and no added sugars

– This is the most gourmet tablet, with a strong and aromatic cocoa flavor. Designed for purists to enjoy a unique and intense experience.

– With this launch, the Swiss premium chocolate company responds to Spanish consumer preferences for dark chocolate, whose consumption has grown by 19% in the last three years, driven by adult consumption.

– Lindt EXCELLENCE, which pioneered the introduction of cocoa percentages in the tablet category, is the premium chocolate brand with the widest assortment, ranging from the softest (50%) to the purest (100%)

The consumption of dark chocolate has been increased in Mediterranean countries, including Spain, since the late 1990s and early part of this century. As the benefits of cocoa on people’s health have become known, the preference for purer chocolate, with a high percentage of cocoa, has increased.

Lindt launches its 100% cocoa tablet

With the aim of continuing to cover the needs of the most select palates and expand the range of high percentages, Lindt has launched its latest innovation in tablets: EXCELLENCE 100% cocoa, a pure cocoa tablet with no added sugars.

It is the most gourmet tablet, with a strong and aromatic cocoa flavor, designed for purists to enjoy a unique and intense experience. Compared to chocolate bars with high percentages of cocoa, Lindt EXCELLENCE 100% cocoa differs by having only three ingredients: cocoa paste, cocoa butter and lean cocoa. Lindt EXCELLENCE 100% is cocoa and nothing else.

“We noticed that more and more people prefer pure cocoa and decided to take the step. With the launch of Lindt Excellence 100% cocoa, we have completed our range of chocolate bars in high percentages. An innovation that has been possible, after years of research… and the knowledge of our master chocolatiers. We are very proud and satisfied to be able to offer a unique taste experience to cocoa lovers”, explains Alicia Gatius, Marketing Director of Lindt & Sprüngli Iberia.

The unique and remarkably balanced recipe represents the pinnacle of the dark chocolate sensory map. With toasted and woody aromas, this pure cocoa tablet stands out for the harmony of its acidity and bitterness, with a slightly spicier touch. Lindt EXCELLENCE 100% promises a smooth and creamy fusion on the palate that gives way to citrus and green top notes, until finally becoming red berries.

From the softest to the purest, a journey to the best dark chocolate…

Lindt & Sprüngli – the Swiss premium chocolate company – was a world pioneer in introducing cocoa percentages in the tablet category. In 1989 it launched, under the Lindt EXCELLENCE brand, the first generation of dark chocolate with a higher cocoa percentage. After two years of research, Lindt’s Swiss Master Chocolatiers discovered that the aroma of cocoa develops much better in a fine format, so they decided to refine the brand’s chocolate bars to the exquisite and refined ounce so characteristic of Lindt.

Lindt EXCELLENCE has the widest assortment of chocolate bars in high percentages, ranging from the softest (50%) to the purest (100%). To obtain the cocoa tablets, Lindt selects and mixes the highest quality cocoa beans and submits them to a unique roasting and grinding process, applying the conching technique, a chocolate mixing, stirring and aeration process patented by the founder of the brand, Rodolph Lindt, to achieve that smoothness so differential of the brand.

A unique experience with each Lindt EXCELLENCE
High percentages to let yourself go, enjoy its aromas and taste with all the senses the best Lindt EXCELLENCE chocolate:
70% soft SUTIL: with creamy notes of honey and caramel.
70% INTENSO: bouquet of red fruits, vanilla and white flowers.
78% PODEROSO: delicate notes of caramel, vanilla and toasted malt.
85% ROTUNDO: complex with notes of roasted coffee and liquorice.
90% SUPREMO: velvety with earthy and smoky tones.
95% ATREVIDO: velvety with balanced notes of intense cocoa.
99% ABSOLUTO: the true strength of the purest cocoa.
100% INFINITO: Infinite purity with earthy tones.

About Lindt & Sprüngli

In 1845, Rudolf Sprüngli Ammann and his son produced the first solid chocolate in their small confectionery shop in Zurich. A few years later, in 1899, the son, pastry chef Johann Rudolf Sprüngli-Schifferli, decided to build a modern chocolate factory in Kilchberg (Switzerland) and acquired the small but famous chocolate factory of Rodolphe Lindt with the aim of further expanding the family business. From this union the Lindt & Sprüngli group was born. An acquisition that also meant the incorporation of the innovative technique of conching, a real revolution in the chocolate industry.

The company began its journey in Spain in 1981, with the opening of its first headquarters in Álava. A strategic location that allows it to be close to its production centre. located in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, in France. In 1987 the company decided to move its corporate headquarters to the city of Barcelona, where it remains today. Also, in 2020 the company has opened offices with its own distribution in Portugal.

Currently, Lindt & Sprüngli Iberia has around 200 employees, 18 own stores and its most emblematic brands are LINDOR and EXCELLENCE.”

Interview by 24/7 Valencia team

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