“If Radio City’s walls could speak, they would say: life is wonderful”. This legendary bar and live music venue is located in the heart of the old town of Valencia. It is known for its vintage vibe, luscious cocktails, and rhythmic music. From flamenco dancing to jazz and reggae nights, Radio City keeps the citizens of Valencia entertained. With the 90s décor and its location in the old town, your experience here will feel truly historical. Locals and tourists alike can explore the eclectic sounds of Radio City. Every week, there are regular flamenco shows, live music events and other local cultural activities. On Wednesday, I attended their weekly reggae night where I enjoyed live music by Tomy Roots & Ndumi Black Ninja as well as an all-things reggae DJ session afterwards. If you’re looking for a great night out, be sure to check out ‘Radio City’ for live music and more!

Radio City originally opened as a juice bar in 1979 and has now transformed into a hub for artistic individuals to let their imaginations go wild. The words ‘music, art, culture, rebellion and tolerance’ perfectly describe this refuge, enabling people to immerse themselves into the urban trend. It strives to be a space for people to feel represented, where everyone has a voice and can express their curiosities and inspirations. In the past, while the district experienced a period of darkness and hardship, Radio City injected a vibrant energy and lightness that lit up the city. After being strongly supported by its neighbours, the bar could continue its social role in developing Valencia’s cultural life.

This positive energy remains in the walls of Radio City today. As you enter, you’ll find a relaxed pub-like area with tables and chairs to sit on and catch up with friends or family. If you walk further in, you’ll discover the hidden dance area which is dimly lit and decorated with vintage posters and disco balls. This is where the magic of music begins, and where talented artists play their own style of music depending on the night you’re there. This unique layout means that Radio City accommodates whatever mood you might be in, whether you want to sit down and chat or stand up and dance.

As a reggae music-lover myself, I attended their Wednesday live music and reggae night. Doors opened at 22:30 with a live performance by Tomy Roots & Ndumi Black Ninja. The band drew on influences from traditional African folk rhythms, incorporating musical elements of R&B, jazz, mento, and calypso. A soulful offbeat rhythm was created by dub mixes from infamous reggae artists such as Tenor Saw’s ‘Ring the Alarm’ and Bob Marley’s ‘Could You Be Loved’. The singer also impressively used vocal percussion to create bird sounds that echoed the room in a dub-style. As the 4/4 beat vibrated the floors, the audience felt a bass impact in their chests, encouraging everyone to dance like nobody was watching!

Radio City is famous for great music in Valencia. Whether you love jazz, reggae, flamenco, rock, pop or hip-hop, you will certainly find a night you’ll enjoy here. It is a unique place to go with your friends and guarantees a great night out. After exploring the numerous bars Valencia has to offer, I can confidently say that you will have the best night out here, in the heart of the city!

Report by Sabina Redfern

Article Copyright 24/7 Valencia

Radio City

Santa Teresa, 19, Valencia

Valencia, 46001

Phone number: 963 91 41 51

Historic Centre of Valencia

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