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The cultural festival ‘Sagunt a Escena’ is set to hit the Roman amphitheatre and other venues and spaces for its 39th year running. A display of art, theatre, music and dance. The classical and the modern combine for a month of performances from 3rd to 28th of August.

‘Sagunt a Escena’ is organised by the Valencian Institute of Culture alongside artistic director Inma Expósito. What makes this festival unique is its connection with Teatre Roma, its traditional exhibition space. Alongside the Roman amphitheatre, the festival will also take place on the streets of Sagunto, in spaces such as the Glorieta, the Pujada al Castell, the Casa dels Berenguer or the Center Cívic del Port de Sagunt.

Exposito explains why the use of the amphitheatre as a performance space is successful, stating that ‘one of the elements that makes the theatre unique is the capacity to gather together for a  cultural event, more than a thousand people spread out in the audience and focused on the action of the scene, paying attention to what happens on the stage of the Teatre Roma’.

The heterogenous and multidisciplinary line-up aims to bring together figures of international prestige with professionals from the Valencian community. It also merges classical proposals with the contemporary and the innovative; a reflection of its position as a modern festival held in a historical space. The forward-thinking values of the festival are reflected through their promotion of parity among artistic teams, with the 2022 edition having an almost even split of women and men.

TICKETS for the festival are now on sale on the website here: https://saguntaescena.ivc.gva.es/es/entradas/




La Finestra Nou Circ, 04/08/2022, 20:00, Roundabout – Off Roma


Tito Pontent, 04/08/2022, 22:00, Roundabout – Off Roma


The Mechanics and Mime Prague, 05/08/2022, 20:00, Roundabout – Off Roma


The Dependent, 06/08/2022, 22:30, Roman Theatre


OtherDance, 07/08/2022, 20:00, Roundabout – Off Roma


Versonauts, 10/08/2022, 22:30, Ascent to the castle – Off Roma


Acosta Dance, 11/08/2022, 22:30, Roman Theatre


Mireia Miracle Company, 12/08/2022, 20:00, Pujada al Castell – Off Roma


José Mercé 13/08/2022, 20:30, Roman Theatre


Cia. Marroch, 14/08/2022, 20:00, Roundabout – Off Roma


José Mercé, 14/08/2022, 22:30, Roman Theatre


Ferrer & Weidman, 17/08/2022, 22:30, Pujada al Castell – Off Roma


Area, 18/08/2022, 22:30, Roman Theatre


23 Arts Productions, 19/08/2022, 20:00, Roundabout – Off Roma


Companyia Romea, Safo 20/08/2022, 22:30, Roman Theatre


The Politic Family, 21/08/2022, 20:00, Civic Center (Puerto de Sagunto) – Off Roma


Philippe Jaroussky and Thibaut Garcia, 21/08/2022, 22:30, Roman Theatre


Miss Beige, 24/08/2022, 22:30, Roman Theatre


CookingDance, 25/08/2022, 20:00, Civic Center – Off Roma


Andres Marin Flamenco Open, 26/08/2022, 20:00, Civic Center – Off Roma


Pirate Ship, 27/08/2022, 22:30, Roman Theatre


Spanish Circus, 28/08/2022, 20:00, Roundabout – Off Roma


LA FAM Theater, 28/08/2022, 21:00, Roundabout – Off Roma


Report by Anusha Vasudeva


Article copyright 24/7 Valencia

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