‘SINERGIA’… Sedajazz Big Band & Valmuz, arranged by Víctor Jiménez


SEDAJAZZ RECORDS: “This is a project inspired by mixing and adapting the music of Valmuz and arranging it for the Sedajazz Big Band.

The versatility of the project provides dynamism through the change of rhythms and styles. This meeting of influences makes it attractive to audiences interested in the infinite possibilities of jazz.

Valmuz is one of the most fashionable emerging groups with many and diverse influences (jazz, hevy metal, rock, pop, fusion…), winners of international awards and very well valued by the specialized critics. Valmuz is formed by : Peter Connolly (Ireland, guitarist / vocalist), Chris Attwell (UK, bass), Victor Jimenez (Spain, alto saxophone), Jamie Murray (UK, drums), have collaborated with prestigious musicians like Perico Sambeat, Joshua Wheatley, Polo Orti, Sergio Martinez… Valmuz has produced a large amount of high quality audiovisual material, and have released their first album with the title “Three Days”, all this material is available on different online platforms.

The repertoire is mostly original with organic & electric music… and a strong rhythm full of funk, heavy metal influences, psychedelic moments and latin rhythms. Despite the empahasis on rhythm in the music, there are also subtle moments and space for ballads and mid-tempo interludes.

It is presented as an open project for the musicians to develop their own personalities, leaving empty spaces for other voices as well.
Undoubtedly, this is an attractive musical proposal inspired by many different resources.

This project is created by Víctor Jiménez, who makes his debut as a conductor and arranger in this format. The versatility and stylistic richness of Víctor Jiménez make him a very sought-after musician on the local, national and international scene, taking a prominent position in formations and projects of diverse characteristics. The impressive career of this saxophonist means that the public and specialised critics consider him to be one of the most important figures on the jazz scene.”

The musicians:

The musicians are a fusion between the Sedajazz Big Band and the group Valmuz, all of whom are outstanding artists with a long national and international careers.”


1- David Martinez
2- Voro Garcia
3- Pepe Zaragoza
4- Fede Crespo


1- Paco Soler
2- Kako Rubio
3- Ferran Verdú
4- Vicent Lloret


1 Alto/Flute/Soprano – Perico Sambeat
2 Alto/EWI – Victor Jimenez
1 Tenor – Vicente Macian
2 Tenor/Clarinet – Josvi Muñoz
1 Baritone/Flauta – Francisco Blanco “Latino”

Rhythm Section

Peter Connolly – Guitar/Voice
Albert Palau – Piano/Synth
Chris Attwell – Electric Bass
Joshua Wheatley – Drums
Carlos Llidó – Congas

Report by 24/7 Valencia team



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