There were overflowing pans, pickles, toasts, brotherhood and sisterhood and a purely Valencian atmosphere this morning at lunchtime, with the taste of things well done. ‘L’Esmorzà’, the new event promoted by Amstel, the hotel and catering industry and the fallero world to enter the official calendar of festivities, is already being seen in the streets, bars and Valencian houses.

The petition for the 16th of March to be officially declared a tribute to this indigenous culinary culture has been sent to the Junta Central Fallera and it is hoped that it will be assessed at the next assembly of presidents and presidents of festival commissions in November. But there are many who have not been able to wait and have started to celebrate it.

L’Esmorzà’ follows the model of other Fallas celebrations characterised by their social character, their genuinely Valencian spirit and their link with traditions, such as the Mascletà, La Cremà or La Despertà. An idea with great popular acceptance that has received support even from the Fallera Mayor of Valencia herself, Carmen Martín. Or the councillor for festive culture, Carlos Galiana.

It is also supported by the festival commissions, which are increasingly holding esmorzars in their facilities as another event for the falleros to meet and enjoy. And, of course, the citizenship has turned through the hashtag #EsmrozàOficialJa, which circulates through social networks. But also by going to the network of Amstel establishments where the hotel and catering industry is also joining this initiative. In addition to providing information for citizens, a series of direct prizes have been established for those who support this movement.

Until 27 March, by entering a photo of your ticket or your Amstel snack on the website you can win direct gifts such as hundreds of free lunches and T-shirts. In addition, when registering, you can choose a commission from the entire Falla census and the one with the most support will receive the Amstel ‘Made in Valencia’ donation for every Falla in the 2023 celebrations as a gift.

Despite the fact that the weather is not playing in favour of these Fallas, the Valencians are demonstrating a desire to bring joy back to the festival and this first celebration, not yet official, of ‘L’Esmorzà’ has been another occasion to fill with flavour, comboi, authenticity and tradition a festival with which Amstel has been collaborating at an institutional level but also at street level, supporting many Fallas commissions throughout the city, for more than 40 years.

This is because it is the only major branded brewery that produces its products in the Valencia Region, contributing to economic and social dynamism by generating employment (some 300 direct jobs and more than 12,000 indirect jobs); working for environmental sustainability with actions such as the Cañaveral Project, which returns some 430 million litres of water a year to L’Albufera; and, of course, getting involved in the traditions and life of the region. For example, Amstel is sponsoring this year’s Mascletas in the Town Hall Square. And it is pushing this proposal for ‘L’Esmorzà’ to be included in the official Fallas programme, helping them to grow, incorporating elements of the traditions and making these festivities even bigger without losing their authentically Valencian character.


Report by 24/7 Valencia team

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