##The story of ‘Artesanía Yuste’ goes back to the 1960s when Enrique Yuste (senior) was a builder working in derribos, destroying old buildings for new ones. Enrique collected ceramics and quality wood from the ruins. At his home, he became self-taught in the art of ceramics. His trade went public when he became a full-time artisan and started the shop in 1974.  You will find it in the historic centre of Valencia, in a quiet square near the Cathedral…

His son, Enrique Yuste (junior) has been running the shop for many years now and is also an artisan. You will find his workshop at the back of la tienda. This truly is a family tradition that has been handed down over the generations and it is such a contrast to the souvenir shops that litter the city. As Enrique emphasizes: “Everything here is artisanal, hand-painted and made in Valencia by using local materials.”

Valencia has a very rich history regarding ceramics. Here you will find the “blue” of Manises and the “green” of Paterna. The art of ceramics was developed from the region’s Moorish period, including the baked “Socarrat” technique that you will find at Yuste.  Indeed, you can buy  original pieces and reproductions from the 15th/ 16th/ 17th centuries.

Just off Plaza Reina, ‘Yuste’ maintains  a local tradition that deserves your support. Over the years, we have always found a warm welcome here.

True artisans.

Report by 24/7 Valencia team

Photo copright 24/7 Valencia


Plaça del Miracle de Mocadoret, 5


Zona Carmen


Tel: 630 37 36 03

Hours: Monday to Friday (10h -14h / 16.30h -19.30h)

Saturday 10h -14h


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  1. Lynn Hart

    Loved this article as someone who is considering visiting Valencia and love history / museums/ art galleries etc I found this very informative

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