Hidden away in a quiet corner of the  historic centre of Valencia, you will find  another wining & dining spot that has our stamp of approval. ‘Sorbito Divino’ is a very well-established restaurant with a cosy interior and a spacious terrace, illuminated with candlelight.

When entering the venue, your gaze is drawn to the glass floors that give a glimpse into the restaurant’s wine cellar. It is a unique view that you can enjoy while seated inside the restaurant. Within the dimmed interior, there is a hand-painted map of Spain that assists you in visualising the origins of the wines available for your consumption. Additionally, the barstools are shaped like wine corks, which is a true sign that a venue is serious about its wine!

What appealed to me about the outside seating are the blankets, a special touch that reminded me of the bars in Eastern Europe which even on the coldest winter night have heaters, blankets, and hot water bottles available for their customers. This small detail, the tea lights, and the cool jazz playing in the background create an intimate atmosphere that makes you want to stay.

The menu is the star of the show and displays a great range, from traditional Valenciano classics to dishes that emit Asian influence, such as the tartar de atún y mango (a personal favourite). The dining experience began with the fantastic tabla de queso accompanied by the iconically Spanish jamón ibérico. The dishes might be simple but the local ingredients used are of the finest quality, and assembled together by individuals who know their flavours and how to pair them.

Whether you are planning a romantic date or a reunion with friends, this is is your ideal place. It’s near to ‘Radio City’, so not so difficult to find.

Cappuccino or Vino, you should go to ‘Sorbito Divino’.

Report by Nicole Maka-Sprawa

Article copyright  ‘24/7 Valencia’

‘Sorbito Divino’ photos copyright Nicole Maka-Sprawa/ ’24/7 Valencia’



Plaza Coll (near ‘Radio City’)

46001 Valencia


Reservations: 634 61 79 68

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 18:00h – 00:30h



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