The Valencian company invested 7 million euros in the continuous improvement of its production centres, in its own solar photovoltaic power plant and in the promotion of its brands. Last year, it transformed more than 25,000 tons of plastic in its own recycling plant, which gave life to new sustainable products, thus promoting circularity. Sp-Berner, a Valencian family company with almost 60 years of experience in the plastics transformation sector and a presence in more than 50 countries, closed last year with sales of 157 million euros and a profit of 8.2 million euros before tax.

In addition, it invested almost 7 million euros in the modernisation of its production centres, including, among others, the expansion of its current recycling plant, the construction of its own photovoltaic solar energy plant, the consolidation of its on-line sales strategy in Spain and France, as well as the promotion of its Sp-Berner and Shaf brands. The company’s turnover has remained stable in the domestic market while in the rest of the European market it has decreased by 13%, mainly due to the reduction of sales in the garden furniture category. In the rest of the world, it has experienced a slight increase of 2%, in line with the defined strategy. In this regard, it is worth highlighting the 61% increase in sales in North America, as well as the consolidation of the growth in Africa initiated in the 2019 financial year.

Turnover reached 157 million euros, which represents a slight decrease of 1.5% compared to the previous year, mainly due to the tension in the markets, the increase in energy prices and inflation, which caused a generalised slowdown in household consumption.

Sp-Berner has been one of the pioneering companies in sustainability and resource use, which is why more than 12 years ago it invested in its own plant for recycled materials. During this financial year, it has transformed more than 25,000 tons of recycled plastic into new environmentally friendly products, promoting circularity and following the objectives of its “Sustainability Plan 2022”.

The positive results for the 2022 financial year show a pre-tax profit of 8.2 million euros, a figure that has been reduced compared to 2021 due to the effects of the uncontrolled increase in the cost of raw materials and energy costs and the impact of the war in Ukraine, which in turn has tightened inflationary pressures, limiting dynamism and worsening expectations regarding future growth forecasts, both for companies and the economy as a whole.

“We are pleased to have achieved these results in a year as challenging and demanding as 2022. We have suffered the consequences of market instability, but we continue in our line of staying strong and growing in the face of adversity. To this end, we will continue to invest in the future development of the business, maintaining our commitment and contribution of value to both people and society”, says Jorge Escarpa, CEO of Sp-Berner.

Good prospects for 2023

Sp-Berner foresees a good 2023 thanks to the recovery of household consumption, favoured by the containment of inflation and the improvement of the hotel and catering and tourism sectors, which are very important for its activity. It will also continue to promote its 2025 Sustainability Plan with the aim of transforming more than 35,000 tons of recycled plastic into new sustainable products. In order to continue to offer its customers innovative and functional products, it is working on a new approach to innovation management, which will strengthen its current product portfolio. In addition, it plans to invest EUR 15 million in the further modernisation of its production facilities and the extension of its solar photovoltaic power plant to all of the company’s production sites.

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About Sp-Berner

Sp-Berner, with a track record of almost 60 years in the transformation of sustainable plastic for retail, hospitality and industry, transforms more than 25,000 tons of recycled plastic every year. The company has the largest infrastructure in the plastic injection moulding sector in Spain, with a total surface area of 347,350 m2, making it the leading company and a reference in the sector, working for the main retailers and purchasing groups in large international distribution.

 It currently employs around 800 workers and its commercial organisation is made up of four large strategic business areas: Consumer, which includes cleaning articles, household goods, refrigerators, storage and personal care; Furniture, which includes garden furniture and advertising furniture; Industrial, which offers logistics solutions (boxes, pallets) and closures for the food, drugstore and perfumery sectors; and finally Recycling, where it transforms and recycles plastic waste for its own consumption and for sale to third parties.

More info: https://sp-berner.com/?lang=en

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