The Valencian company increases its sales by 15%.

The Company has the largest infrastructure in the plastics injection moulding sector in Spain, with a total surface area of 347,350 m2

Sp-Berner is a Valencian family company with a 58-year tradition in the plastic transformation sector. Its industrial activity began in 1964 with the first generation, which started the business from scratch and grew little by little until today, with the third generation, it has become a benchmark in the sector in Europe with a presence in more than 50 countries and a clear commitment to sustainability.

In 2021, Sp-Berner will have a turnover of 159,916,280 million euros, an increase of 15% compared to 2020. In addition, its market expansion has generated an increase in sales of 14% at national level, 8% in Europe and 30% in the rest of the world.

Sp-Berner has been one of the pioneering companies in sustainability and the use of resources, which is why more than 10 years ago it invested in its own plant for recycled materials in which it transforms used plastics into new material to manufacture products that make life in the home easier for everyone.

In this sense, in 2021, 40% of the raw material used has been recycled plastic, giving life to new sustainable products. A clear example of how to close the 360º circle in a necessary “circular economy”.

During the 2021 financial year, the company has focused its main investments on its new recycled material plant (extending the previous facility) and on the automation of its production plants, continuing with its culture of reinvesting profits, in order to be increasingly competitive and sustainable.

It should be noted that the positive results for the year, which amounted to €9,483,545 before tax, have been reduced by the sharp price increases in energy supply, petrochemical raw materials and transport costs.

In order to meet its targets, Sp-Berner will divest its plant in China in 2022, after 16 years of presence on the Asian continent, in order to concentrate its resources and efforts on Europe, as the main focus of its sustainable strategy.

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About Sp-Berner

With almost 60 years of experience in plastics processing, Sp-Berner recycles more than 20,000 tonnes of post-industrial and post-consumer plastics annually.

The Company has the largest infrastructure in the plastic injection sector in Spain, with a total surface area of 347,350 m2, making it the leading company and a reference in the sector.

The Company employs 811 workers and its commercial organisation is made up of four large strategic business areas at national and international level. The first is the Consumer Division, which includes cleaning articles, household goods, tidying up and personal care, with toothbrushes and hairbrushes; the second is the Garden and Advertising Furniture Division, which includes garden furniture, camping articles and advertising furniture; the third is the Industrial Division, which offers logistics solutions (boxes, pallets, plastic strapping) and closures for the food, drugstore and perfumery sectors; and finally the fourth strategic area of Plastics Recycling.

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