From coworking to custom-designed offices: this is how companies are growing in the age of remote work.


  • An arising demand on behalf of international companies asking for custom-designed offices with the latest technology.
  • Based on the requirements, a company might get a custom-designed area in less than a year.
  • wayCO: the main Valencian enterprise dedicated to design and management of coworking spaces. A ground-breaking company in this area.

In this new era, in which the working methods and the way companies operate are changing, those that have started working from a coworking space have experienced its growth. This translates into a new necessity of a wider place and higher customization options… in order to take on this expansion without losing the coworking bounds. At the same time, such types of spaces include consultancy services and management of bespoke and flexible offices for companies and real estate owners, which aim to transform their spaces into flexible and innovative places of work.

In this sense, wayCO Design takes a stance as pioneering in Valencia by adapting to the emerging needs perceived from the coworking users. With over 3600m2 of facilities, wayCO reaches more than 10 types of sectors, cooperates with more than 20 partners, exceeds 400 members from more than 20 countries worldwide and holds over 200 companies. At this moment, it owns two offices in the Ruzafa and Abastos neighborhood.

Since 2020, the way of working has suffered a complete turn, making many companies reach the conclusion that it is not mandatory to own an office to perform their activity. Now, more than ever, the worker’s expertise and a malleable job are the leading elements of the strategy to be followed. Thus, the usage of coworking spaces and flexible offices as a working environment is becoming highly relevant.

Consequently, startup companies and entrepreneurs are in search of new zones that may fulfill their demands in terms of latest efficiency tendencies, design, flexibility, and sustainability in order to successfully satisfy their clients needs. Additionally, these enterprises do not underestimate the value of new opportunities when accessing coworking environments that are rich in activities and networking, as well as the value of a community to rely on.

At the same time, these ecosystems of coexistence are optimal to enrich the working environment, which is part of the ‘’emotional salary’’ of the employee.

Notice MaibornWolff’s case, a German company that began its journey at wayCO Ruzafa with only two employees. Currently, its 40+ employees are working from its own flexible office space designed and managed by wayCO. Nowadays, MaibornWolff benefits from a custom-designed office that includes meeting rooms, relaxing zones, an office kitchen, terrace, adjustable desks and much more. Despite having an exclusive and private space, the company does not lose its sense of belonging to the community of professionals and enterprises that represent those who are part of the coworking field.

 Statement of Aleksandra Labidi, Location Manager of MaibornWolff

“Finding the proper working space with the “MaibornWolff flair” that inspires creativity, collaboration, allows us to evolve as a team and supports growth.This is a goal that has been a challenge. At one point, we had to split between two locations and home office, restricting the visitors from other locations. This is when wayCO came up with the idea of the “office as a service” tailored to our needs. Currently our growing team of almost 35 employees is working together in a modern space in Abastos, ready to meet and greet new colleagues”.

 The process begins by hearing and analyzing the requests and needs of the clients to spot the best location. The solution is then designed and implemented to offer a flexible, innovative, and attractive office that culminates in an office management service.

Statement of Nacho Cambralla, CEO of wayCO

“After more than 10 years of experience in wayCO I perceive that the essence has not changed, as CO’s values are still prevailing: community, cooperation, collaboration’’.

With more than 10 years in the sector and tons of coworking knowledge acquired in Valencia, wayCO is more than capable of offering this type of service to all types of enterprises. Indeed, wayCO’s working spaces allow its coworkers to work in a flexible, cooperative, and innovative environment while enjoying its wide community.

Press contact:

Jaime Villalonga.

Director of Marketing and Communication.

+34 6990022616


Report by 24/7 Valencia team

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wayCO Ruzafa +34 962 062 324
C/ Almirante Cadarso 26, Valencia
wayCO Abastos +34 960 501 916
C/ Historiador Diago 3, Valencia

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