Walking in from the street into the alternative creation of Beatriz Vila, Miguel Molina and Kira Pérez, visitors are invited to relax and bury themselves within this feathered cove to contemplate themselves or otherwise… in a space that does not construct one particular narrative. Intensified by the soundtrack composed by Molina, the nest-like space nurtures its participants into contemplation. A small tree grows on top of a mound in the middle of a small lake presenting itself like gazing upon a model railway, perhaps a memory, inviting you to look in and ponder what has grown within yourself.

Within the liminal soundscapes and sparse lighting, this introspective space offers a thought-provoking ponder into growth and change. There is a duality between the imagery of the nest and its associations with birth and the dark space. This could be potentially be perceived as either a womb-like place or a psychological forest where one might not know what monsters may be lurking within. The exhibition allowed itself to be subjected to the mercy of time as the flowers died, and the water feature gradually grew cloudy and dark… adding to the space’s implied introspective power.


Report by Almudena Soullard

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

Photo copyright Zirtte


Internet Moon Gallery

Carrer del Dr. Pérez Feliu, 12





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