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24/7 Valencia: Can you tell us something about ‘El Toro y La Luna’?

El Toro y La Luna: We provide quality food and drink to accompany our show and with the intention of presenting a family of artists with decades of experience on stage. Indeed, our long-established flamenco tablao ‘El Toro and La Luna’ has becomes the perfect choice to unite the two most precious treasures that this country has: Spanish cuisine and flamenco. At tablao ‘Flamenco El Toro y la Luna’ we offer an alternative to traditional dinners and any type of celebration.   Starters include salad with ham and goat’s cheese or squid or duck. Main courses include beef or pork or cod dishes.  Dessert is also provided and we also have  vegetarian options. Drinks include beer, sangria and wine.

When can we see live music and flamenco dancing?

We present a live flamenco show every  Wedenesday & Thursday..Dinner at 19.30h and Flamenco show at 20.30h

For Friday and Saturday… Dinner is from 20.30h onwards and the Flamenco show begins at 22.30h.

Please tell us more about the flamenco show…

The show is under the artistic direction of Pepe and Maribel. Combined, they have more than half a century of experience…dedicated to the world of live entertainment on a global scale. The flamenco tablao ‘El Toro y La Luna’ offers a stage with an impressive show with a warm atmosphere, which provides the ‘duende’ and magic necessary in this quite intimate venue.

Transporting those who attend the show to the comfort of being within a family, our music agenda brings together majestic songs and dances of flamenco, zambras, tangos, rumbas, sevillanas, to a  journey through time in the form of folklore from other countries… performed by a large family of artists. The participation of the public is welcome, inviting everyone to dance with the artists… to spend a fun and different night that remains in the memory of everyone who comes to see the show.

Do you speak other languages?

Within our team, we speak Spanish, English, Dutch and Italian.

Do you have other services?

In addition to presenting our dinners with live show, we can also offer our services on other days or other alternative times to the normal opening of the premises. For groups, events, companies or other celebrations that require more privacy we can provide live shows/ dinners on different days from the norm. For any questions or to request a personalized quote, you can contact us through our phone number +36 667338167 or in our email 

Can you tell us more about your FLAMENCO WORKSHOPS?

We also have a very original activity for groups, farewell parties, birthdays, students. This is our flamenco workshop  where we will learn to dance sevillanas, rumbas or other flamenco styles…and that also has several options:

Workshop + aperitif

Workshop + dinner with show

Workshop + dinner snack

There is also the possibility of carrying out the workshop in the mornings or in the afternoons. Please contact us for more details.

Can you tell us something about your VALENCIAN PAELLA OR FIDEUÁ WORKSHOP WITH SHOW?

In this workshop, the diners themselves will cook authentic Valencian paella or Fideuá with us and later they will taste it while enjoying our live show!

Please tell us a bit more about your PARTIES AND PRIVATE EVENTS…

If what interests you is to create a private party for weddings, birthdays or another celebration in your house or in another restaurant, we also have that service. We can create any celebration you want with a cast of artists that, according to budget, can vary from 4 people to 8 people: Boleros, flamenco, rancheras, rumbas, sevillanas and more. It is also possible to organize your catering for the event.

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Plaza del Mestre Ripoll, 13,


Valencia, España

667 33 81 67

We present a live flamenco show every  Wedenesday & Thursday..Dinner at 19.30h and Flamenco show at 20.30h

For Friday and Saturday… Dinner is from 20.30h onwards and the Flamenco show begins at 22.30h.


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