The two institutions are strengthening their collaboration through an agreement, which allows them to jointly develop the actions they undertake. This is stated in the agreement signed by the president of the Casino of Agriculture, Manuel Sanchez and the dean of the ICAV, Jose Soriano.Members of the Casino of Agriculture, including both practising and non-practising members, as well as workers of the ICAV, will have access to services, activities, and spaces of the Casino of Agriculture. The free lecture series organised by the Casino of Agriculture will be open to members. Both organisations will also inform their respective members about the activities taking place in either organisation.

The “Casino de Agricultura Valencia” is a historic social and cultural institution. Its purpose is to promote agricultural activities in the region and serves as a meeting point for farmers, agricultural professionals, and individuals interested in agricultural topics. The institution has private members and companies that have a meeting point at its headquarters in Calle Comedias, as well as meeting rooms, conferences and other services.

“The Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Valencia” is a professional association for lawyers based in Valencia. It represents and supports its members, fosters professional development, and upholds the ethics of the legal profession. The agreement between the two companies includes free participation in the Legal Forum at the Casino of Agriculture. In addition to partners, lawyers wishing to attend will have preferential status. The Forum aims to analyse important legal matters by engaging experts with diverse perspectives, emphasising the importance of open debates with subject-matter experts.

“For the Casino de Agricultura to have the support and friendship of the Bar Association of Valencia is a privilege of which we are very pleased and proud,” says Manuel Sánchez Luengo, who added: “Our members are united by the desire to know, to learn and to know. They are united by curiosity and passion for the truth, so having legal experts and making them available to everyone gives us a special value as a society”.

José Soriano says: “The Bar Association of Valencia not only renews, but extends the agreement and friendship that has historically always had with the Casino of Agriculture thus strengthening, and ultimately, the presence of the ICAV in and with the Valencian civil society, of which that entity has always been one of the references in our city”.

 Report by Emily Bray

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Agriculture Casino of Valencia


Calle Comedias 12




Tel: 963 517 142




Bar association of Valencia


Tel: 96 394 18 80




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