The recent creation of the ‘Itinerary Path of the Holy Grail of Europe International Association ‘ marks a milestone in the valorization and dissemination of European cultural heritage. This significant event took place at FITUR 2024 with a special ceremony presided over by Dr. Ana Mafé García, a key figure in promoting this cultural project and author of the book ‘The Holy Grail,’ a scientific study on the Holy Chalice of the Valencia Cathedral and its historical path that lays the foundation for this international journey.

The Association’s main objective is to present the ‘Path of the Holy Grail, Route of Knowledge, Path of Peace’ to the Council of Europe, seeking recognition as a European Cultural Itinerary. This path symbolizes not only a physical journey but also a route of knowledge and a message of peace, intertwining with the rich history and heritage of Europe.

The event featured the distinguished presence of notable personalities, including the Mayor of Huesca, Lorena Orduna Pons, and the Mayor of Teruel, Emma Buj Sánchez. Both expressed their support and enthusiasm for the initiative, emphasizing the importance of the route in promoting cultural dialogue and sustainable tourism.

Yolanda Sevilla Salvador, an important representative from Teruel, distributed a piece made of baked clay representing the grail passing through Teruel to those present after the event.

Javier Sierra, awarded the Planeta Prize for his novel ‘The Invisible Fire,’ focusing on the search for the Holy Grail, was also in attendance. Sierra shared his perspective on how myth and history intertwine on this symbolic path, enhancing its cultural and spiritual significance.

Moreover, Cristina Martínez, CEO of the accelerator Avanza Grial and co-star with Alejandro Martínez Notte in a Netflix documentary about the Path of the Holy Grail, highlighted the potential of the route to boost the economic and cultural development of regions with currently higher levels of poverty regarding affordable housing. Her participation emphasized the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in the cultural realm, certifying that the path is already a reality.

Finally, José Manuel Baena, who portrays Guillén de Mont-Rodón, Maestre del Temple, and preceptor of Jaime I in historical recreations in Monzón, Huesca, brought a unique dimension to the event. Baena emphasized the historical relevance of the path and its ability to connect the past with the present.

Each of these participants offered words of encouragement and support, underscoring the significance of this project for the promotion of European cultural heritage, sustainable tourism, and the building of bridges of understanding and peace through culture in Spain, France, and Italy.

With this initiative, the ‘Itinerary Path of the Holy Grail of Europe International Association ‘ positions itself as a key player in promoting intercultural dialogue and peace, inviting everyone to be part of this exciting journey. Its logo has been created by the designer Ximo Roca, a true benchmark for quality and creativity in Spain.

Also present at the presentation were María Asensi, the Mayor of Albalat dels Tarongers, and Xavi Jorge, the first deputy mayor of Vilamarxant, along with the entire team of the Association attending FITUR 2024: Jesús Gimeno Peris, Secretary; José Cuñat, press officer; Liuba Daniel Alvariño, International Director; Carmen Gromaz Armenteros, responsible for the Accompanying Guide department; Francisco Miguel Gómez, member, and owner of the Tourist Apartments El Casal de Nicolás; Cristina Monzón Martín from Avanza Grial and Ambassador of the Path of the Holy Grail, along with José Ángel Planillo, an expert guide on the path, and Jaco Müller from Indiana Tours.

During her presentation, Dr. Mafé read some words from the email received from the Council of Europe and gave special attention to the Camino de Santiago. Here are her words:



“The Cultural Association The Path of the Holy Grail has always maintained a deep admiration for the legacy and impact of the Camino de Santiago, a historic pilgrims’ route that has brought together people from diverse cultures in journeys of faith, history, and natural beauty. This reverence focuses on how the Camino de Santiago has woven a network of paths that connect not only places but also hearts and souls over centuries.”

“In this regard, the Cultural Association The Path of the Holy Grail aims to enhance and bring greater visibility to the common sections in Aragon, where both paths intersect, creating a unique meeting point for pilgrims and history enthusiasts. This effort seeks not only to preserve the cultural and spiritual heritage of these routes but also to foster a richer and deeper cultural exchange in Aragon.”

“The association acknowledges that, like the Camino de Santiago, the Path of the Holy Grail is a route that allows travelers to explore their spirituality, delve into history, and experience the beauty of the landscape in both Aragon and the Valencian Community. Therefore, by highlighting and revitalizing the common sections in Aragon, the goal is not only to honour the tradition of both paths but also to inspire new generations to embark on these transformative journeys.”

“In summary, the Cultural Association The Path of the Holy Grail, with great respect and admiration for the Camino de Santiago, seeks to strengthen the ties between these two historic paths, emphasizing their shared cultural and spiritual significance and enhancing their positive influence on modern society.”


Report by  Carlos Catalan Ruiz

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

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