1. Can you tell us about the background of ‘The Vurger’?
I have always enjoyed fast food, but since becoming a vegan 8 years ago i wanted to still enjoy this style of eating so i decided to create my own brand of vegan fast food, which I could see didn’t actually exist on the market in 2015. I researched the field, created my own brand and started ‘The Vurger’, committing myself to find the best products & flavours. I combined this with a fresh image and good music, topped off with good service…which is essential.

2. What is your philosophy?
Vegan food, which is fast food and that it is tasty for the customers. It’s a fast food restaurant that the entire world can come and enjoy our products and be surprised at our attractive flavours and with similar textures to meat!

3. What are your specialities?
Actually, the most popular vurgers are the ‘Original con bacon vegan’ and ‘La Hawaiana’ that is with quorn and is a bit spicy. The ‘Yuba brochetas’ skewers are fantastic and the public love them.

4.Tell us about your fries and drinks…
We have three types of fries, the normal thinly-sliced fries with a delicious McCain flavour, rustic fries and larger fries. We also have boniato sweet potato fries, imported from the UK and USA. We were the first in Spain to have introduced these types of fries to the public. We have drinks on tap, including beer from the barrel and ecological drinks.

5. What types of salads do you have?

We have a vegan chicken flavour ‘Cesar ‘salad, a dried fruits ‘Frutos Secos’ salad and a pineapple & pink sauce ‘Piña y Salsa Rosa’ salad.

6.Are there any desserts that you would recommend?
Yes, we always have ‘Tarta Red Velvet’ cake, Carrot Cake and Black Forest ‘Selva Negra’ cake. You can also enjoy our Brownies, Waffles (Gofres) and ‘Helado soft’ Ice Cream.

7. What is your public?
We attract young people and families, it’s a really great place to dine, the food is fun and really tasty and everyone is pleasantly surprised by this combination.

8. What are your plans with the new ‘The Vurger’?
I am making this brand a reference point for vegan fast food. I am currently introducing new products and promotions as well as new merchandising to that will make the Vurger brand grow, including a line of clothing and accessories too.

C/Muro Santa Ana, 3
Zona del Plaza de la Virgen
Movil:626 35 59 97
Open everyday: Hours 1:00 PM – 11:00 PM

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