On a corner of Almirante Cadarso,  a stone’s throw away from the emblematic ‘Mercado de  Colón’ in Valencia , is a charming wine store called ‘The Wine Place’. The collection on offer  is spectacular, with wines from all over the world, even the less typical spots, such as Lebanon.

The store is also the location for gaining your WSET qualifications, in English and Spanish, which is considered the most prestigious course one can take within the wine industry.

But more importantly, The Wine Place organises a variety of wine tasting experiences, in English, Spanish or Spanglish, which are a perfect way to spend your evening and meet new people! The themes vary from how to pair your wine with certain snacks to distinguishing the differences between wines from specific regions. The latest wine tasting that took place was Valentine’s Day themed and aimed to help you with the selection of wines for the special occasion.

When speaking with the owner, Mark O’Neill, he painted a beautiful picture of the journey one embarks on when entering the doors of the establishment. Everyone’s wine preference is different; therefore it is a unique experience of self-discovery where Mark is your guide…and  a fantastic one at that!

The wine tastings are quite an intimate event with a maximum of 10 attendees, which creates a pleasant atmosphere of a friendly reunion where everyone gets to share their experience and opinions in a safe environment.

In the end, the attendees participated in a wine edition of ‘The Price is Right’ where we tried our best to guess the value of the wines we just tasted and analysed. Most of us were pleasantly surprised by how affordable the selection was, ranging from 23 euros for Rosé Frizant from France to 13 euros for a red Petit from South Africa. As our wine guru preached, wine does not have to be expensive to be of high quality.

The good news did not stop there as we were then presented with a selection of nuts, provided by Müix, to encourage us to pick which of the wines pairs best with which of the flavours of snacks.

The experience was truly one of the kind as Mark tailors every wine tasting to his guests, all of which he personally takes the time to meet prior to beginning.

So make sure to book your place for the upcoming wine tasting experiences at The Wine Place or alternatively, make your way to the store to find “the one” for you!

Upcoming wine tastings:

Saturday 19th February – Wine and Cheese Pairing

Saturday 5th March – Taste the Difference Spain/France

Thursday 24th March – Taste How Oak Impacts Wine

And many more!


Report by Nicole Maka-Sprawa

Article copyright  ‘24/7 Valencia’

‘The Wine Place’ photos copyright Nicole Maka-Sprawa / 24/7 Valencia



Calle Almirante Cadarso, 14

Zona Cánovas






General: 661 71 71 51

Courses: 653 700 120

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