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The “World Paella Day Cup” is celebrated with “Valencian Craft Beer”!


As part of the V Edition of the “World Paella Day” on September 20th,  the III Edition of the World Paella Day Cup will be held, in which 10 chefs from different parts of the world will compete live to see who makes the best paella. It will take place in the Marina de València in a party that will not only highlight our most universal dish, but also Valencian craft beers that, with the help of Bierwinkel with its “Valencian Craft Beer® concept, will show that paella was created here and that magnificent Valencian craft beers are being brewed to accompany the dish.

Valencian Craft Beer® is the brand created by Bierwinkel to promote Valencian beer, which it presented 4 years ago together with the Valencian Community Craft Centre and its certificate of artisan product recognised by the Generalitat Valenciana, which guarantees that its brewing process is 100% artisan and Valencian. Promoted by Bierwinkel, the breweries Alegría, B&B, Tyris and Zeta Beer, will be present at the World Paella Day, with different proposals to pair with different rice dishes.

Alegría was born in Massanassa in 2014 with the aim of bringing craft beer to L’Horta Sur through its “Brewpub” open from Thursday to Saturday and in which its beers are paired with local beef burgers and artisan bread. 80% of their beers are gluten-free and they offer us “Cornezuelo del Diablo” to accompnay a dish as Valencian as baked rice.

B&B, with 11 years in the market, will be tapping their two latest award-winning beers at the prestigious World Beer Awards in London 3 weeks ago. The first one will be Lifelines, a Catharina Sour with natural Raspberry, very refreshing and with an acid touch, ideal for pairing with fish paellas. They will also be serving Gloria, a Cold Ipa, which has the particularity that it is made with J. Sendra rice with D.O. from the Albufera. This style is characterised by being made with a lager yeast instead of the traditional Ale of the Ipas. With a dry hopping of 15 g/litre with the El Dorado and Idaho 7 hop varieties that give it a particularly citric and dry character as well as the characteristic bitterness that goes perfectly with the traditional Valencian paella.

Tyris, one of the pioneers in the sector, with 13 years of history and a great visibility in catering and supermarkets, is committed to the gastronomy of the “terreta” and to a constant pairing of its beers with our rice dishes, recommending that you enjoy its Tyris Original with any fish rice such as a good arroz a banda or del senyoret, the lighter Tyris Lager with seafood or vegetable rice. For stronger flavours such as meat rice dishes like baked rice, the gluten-free Tyris Marzen would be the best option for its toasted touches and the Tyris IPA for spicier rice dishes.

Zeta Beer, founded in 2013 and with 9 years of experience behind it, was born from the passion of two young Valencian engineers. With a strong commitment to low-fermentation styles (lager), they soon began to stand out for the high quality and differentiation, especially of this type of beer in their portfolio. Today, they have more than 20 different beers covering the whole spectrum of categories and a line of trend-setting ultra-hopped styles. They are the total brewer. And for pairing cuttlefish and garlic paella, they recommend the Suc; for vegetable paella, the Hell; for cod paella, the Zendra and finally for Arroz a banda, the Hop.

On September 20th, chefs from countries such as France, Switzerland, Japan, USA, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Canada, Finland, Italy will compete live at La Marina de València, from 10 am and together with all their companions they will also get to know the quality of a significant sample of the craft beers produced in Valencia thanks to Valencian Craft Beer®.

Since 1992, Bierwinkel has been the European beer import and distribution company par excellence in Spain, offering selected beers of a multitude of styles, taking into account their fermentation, colour, alcohol content, IBUs, formats and countries of origin, bringing them closer to our culture and making them known.

Already in 2002 Bierwinkel created its own Finest Beers Selection, joining forces, know-how and expansion guarantees with the Belgian brewery John Martin, SA. In 2010, the German brewers Dinkelacker, Sanwald and the Belgian breweries Huyghe, Bosteels and Belgoo Beer joined forces, followed a few years later by the brewers Het Anker and Chimay in order to consolidate and expand this unique and select joint venture brewery for Spain. They are also working intensively on the introduction and marketing of craft beers from the Valencian Community. A good example has been the development and implementation of the Valencian Craft Beer® concept.

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