Valencia, June 2024. During the last two weeks, Valencia has been the scene of an enriching cultural and educational exchange thanks to the ‘I Jornadas Intercambio Cultural El Camino del Santo Graal’, held from 25 May to 5 June 2024. This event was attended by students from Longwood University in the United States, together with leading Valencian academics and experts.

Participants from Longwood University:

Students: Alexandra Cherie Huerta, Amanda Rose Deitz, Christina Marie White, Keira Elizabeth Trigg, Maccall Joseph Warner, Maria Isabel Ruth Kriewaldt, Mark Travis Betts II, Quinn Joseph Kehoe, Riley Paige Salway, Sydney Ryan Townsend, Teegan McDaniel Hall, Trinity Michelle Smith, Zoe Alexandra Maxwell.

Teachers: Annette Rosado Figueroa and Janet Smith.

Valencian speakers and organisers:

Dr. Rosanna Mestre Pérez, Universitat de València.

Dr. Ana Mafé García, President of the Asociación Internacional Itinerario Cultural El Camino del Santo Grial.

On the morning of 25 May, the participants followed a section of the route of The Way of the Holy Grail through the municipality of Valencia. This route was made possible thanks to Don Álvaro Almenar, canon custodian canon of the Holy Chalice of the Cathedral of Valencia, who gave the participants the opportunity to get to know the Holy Grail up close.

The conference concluded on 5 June, celebrating World Environment Day with a conference on the importance of applying for The Way of the Holy Grail, Route of Knowledge, Way of Peace, as a European Cultural Itinerary. The conference highlighted the relevance of linking this tourist route to the management of regenerative and circular tourist spaces. All participants received a diploma.

Dr. Ana Mafé García underlined the importance of these conferences as a valuable experience of cultural and educational exchange for the young participants in The Way of the Holy Grail. “These conferences have been an exceptional platform for students to understand the historical and cultural importance of the Holy Grail, as well as the need to promote sustainable and regenerative tourism,” she said.

Valorisation of European History and Heritage

The conference highlighted the importance of promoting European history and heritage through cultural exchanges with young people from other continents. Such events not only enrich participants’ knowledge of Europe’s rich cultural heritage, but also foster a global understanding and deeper appreciation of diversity and shared history.

The Way of the Holy Grail, with its deep historical and spiritual significance, serves as a bridge between different cultures and generations. Through these days, Longwood University students have had the opportunity to explore and understand the relevance of the Holy Grail Way in European history, and how its legacy continues to influence us today.

The cultural exchange provides a platform for dialogue and mutual learning, promoting values of tolerance, respect and international cooperation. The young participants not only learned about Valencian history and culture, but also contributed their own perspectives and knowledge, enriching cultural understanding and strengthening ties between continents.

Dr. Mafé commented that these days have been very interesting as a cultural and educational exchange experience for young people on The Way of the Holy Grail. “The impact of these activities goes beyond academics; it is an investment in the creation of future leaders who value and preserve cultural heritage,” she added. These days have not only allowed for an exchange of knowledge and experiences, but have also strengthened the ties between the United States and Spain, promoting mutual understanding and appreciation through cultural heritage.

Report by ‘24/7 Valencia’ team

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