24/7 Valencia:Could you tell us about your upbringing and musical education?
Maceo Parker: I was born into a musical family. Both my parents sang and played piano.  There was a trombone player brother and drummer brother and I started playing piano from a very early age. My uncle had a band.

24/7 Valencia:What did you most learn from working with James Brown?
Maceo Parker: Punctuality and uniformity in dress.

24/7 Valencia:What does Ray Charles mean to you?
Maceo Parker: The world.

 24/7 Valencia:Tell us about your book “98% Funky Stuff”
Maceo Parker: This is a memoir rather than an autobiography and tells the story of my life and growing up. How I met James Brown and so on.

24/7 Valencia: What memories do you have of working with George Clinton & Bootsy Collins of Funkadelic and Parliament? 
Maceo Parker: How the audience reacted to the landing of the spaceship.

 24/7 Valencia: How was Prince as a person and as an artist?
Maceo Parker: Beautiful.

24/7 Valencia: What is your approach to playing live and laying tracks down in the studio?
Maceo Parker: Pretty much the same thing. Form a structure and letting musicians do their thing. If I have to solo then I play what comes to me at that particular moment, inspired by the groove and the music.

 24/7 Valencia:Has there been real progress in the USA since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s?
Maceo Parker: Yes.

24/7 Valencia:Please define Funk.
Maceo Parker: Syncopated groove.

24/7 Valencia:What is Jazz?
Maceo Parker: Straight four.

24/7 Valencia: Could you tell our readers what the public experienced at your gig in Valencia at La Rambleta?
Maceo Parker: A funky show.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that. 2% Jazz  98% Funky Stuff.

Interview by Will McCarthy

Copyright 24/7 Valencia


MACEO PARKER (alto sax, flute, vocals)
GREG BOYER (trombone)
WILL BOULWARE (keyboards)
RODNEY «Skeet» CURTIS (bass)

Click on this link for the documentary ‘My First name is Maceo’:


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