## Oscar Wilde chose the name ‘Sebastian Melmoth’ in honour of Saint Sebastian and he chose the surname Melmoth in honour of the Gothic novel ‘Melmoth the Wanderer’. The story behind this name inspired the Spaniards Laura Soriano and Roberto Martín to name their project ‘Sebastian Melmoth’, which is now located on C/ Baja, 50, in the historic centre of Valencia. As two 21st century wanderers, they have travelled around the globe seeking to bring back elegant objects that are different and special to their welcoming space — strong and subtle designs, striking and distinctive. Unique stationery items like notebooks or pens from Lithuania, Portugal and Germany, as well as Japanese ceramics and Swedish soaps. Products made in Spain and Valencia, as well as creations by new designers, are popular, too. They have featured works like Artefacto dishes, scarves by the artist María Ramirez, and postcards and notepads commissioned from artists like Ricardo Cavolo or Miu Mirambell, as well as a selection of original books.

They sometimes organize exhibitions on their premises. On their walls they have exhibited works by artists like Angela Dalinger, María Herreros and from the local gallery PLAS. ‘Sebastian Melmoth’: a different and necessary space for a city like Valencia that is destined to be part of the vanguard of Europe in design.

Valencia has been named World Design Capital 2022 by the World Design Organization.

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C/ Baja, 50
Zona Carmen
HOURS: 11h a 14h / 16.30h a 20h
Tlfn: 636065279

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