##24/7 Valencia: Tell us about the philosophy and objectives of your art

BARBITURIKILLS: The philosophy of my art can be summed up as revolution, humour and love.

My work has a cheerful and fun character. The characters I paint are acidic, kind, loving and adorable.

I want visual art for all audiences even if they tell adult stories under the surface. I like my walls to make the spectator laugh, an intelligent laugh of sorts. When I paint in the street, I also hope that they like to see an improvement of what was there…

 What is the meaning of the rabbit in so much of your work?

It doesn’t have a concrete meaning, it’s a character that I use as a resource to express my concerns, from the annoyance of electricity rates being raised to the infinite love I feel for the products of la huerta.

It is no coincidence that I have used this cute animal because of its sexual connotations, its reputation for causing plagues, its iconography in visual culture like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Playboy…

There’s also a story from my childhood. I was a city girl and went to a village on vacation and my great-aunt “bought me” a rabbit. I understood that he was my new friend and I played with him all afternoon. The next morning the bunny was skinned in the kitchen, it was for paella. A downturn…

Tell us more about your current projects

I’ve had a very good year, I’ve painted a lot and I’ve had the opportunity to do great things and everything points to 2020 being similar.

I have several things in the pipeline, which I prefer not to talk about at the moment. But one of them makes me especially excited, and I don’t mind talking about it. I’m going to paint a fairly large mural with a companion in the new Urban Garden that is going to be done in my local neighbourhood. I really like to collaborate with these kinds of initiatives, especially if they come from my immediate environment. We all make the city.

Another thing I’m going to do shortly is to present a deck of Tarot cards that I drew, designed and self-published. It’s very cool, you’ll see soon…


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