‘VIPS’ presents its new spectacular ‘MegaShakes’ until September 31

##VIPS presents its new spectacular MegaShakes.

Two new and surprisingly irresistible mega shakes to give us the joy we’ve earned this summer: MegaShake Pink Panther ™ and MegaShake Choco with Oreo®.

Because there’s no summer without a VIPS shake and, this year more than ever, you’ve really earned it.

The new VIPS MegaShakes are a true fantasy come true and are available only during the months of June, July and August this 2021.

MegaShake Pink Panther™, cartoon pleasure.

Were you dreaming of a never-before-seen Pink Panther™ MegaShake? This new VIPS creation will take you straight out to party with the kid in you: delicious strawberry and vanilla ice cream shake with real Pink Panther™ sponge cake, topped with VIPS whipped cream, with even more Pink Panther™ sponge cake, cotton candy, licorice and jelly beans. ♬ Tirin tirin, tirin, tirin, tirin tirin tirin tirin tiriiiiin… tiriririn ♬

MegaShake Choco with Oreo®, VIPS’ successful Oreo® shake in its superlative version.

There can never be enough Oreo® in a shake and no one knows that better than VIPS. Here comes the supreme version of this brand classic, made with Belgian chocolate ice cream shake, Oreo® cookies and chocolate syrup, which is finished with delicious VIPS whipped cream, Oreo® Brownie cookies and, as an extra scoop, a whole Oreo® ice cream bonbon. A straight pass to the “paradise on earth” mood.

The new VIPS MegaShake is available at all VIPS and VIPS Smart until September 31, 2021. Discover your nearest VIPS at

Report by ’24/7 Valencia’ team

Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, 49,

Teléfono: 638 56 42 19

Open everyday from 09.30h until 23.30h

Report by 24/7 Valencia team

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