The Royal Valencian Society of Agriculture and Sports and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Valencia will work together from 20 June. They have signed a collaboration agreement between their presidents, Manuel Sánchez-Luengo and Paz Navarro, which states that the palace of C/ Comedias will be another headquarters for the Young Valencian Entrepreneurs. The Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Valencia will organise a variety of activities at the Casino of Agriculture. These activities will include conferences, networking events, cultural activities, and visits from experts in new technologies, economics, marketing, and artificial intelligence. The Casino of Agriculture, which has long been an important venue representing the socio-economic landscape of Valencia since the 19th century, will now serve as an even more significant gathering place for 21st-century entrepreneurs.

The collaboration between both institutions will be mutual and constant. They will develop actions together, and apart from the particular conditions agreed as partners and having access to services, activities and spaces of the Casino of Agriculture by the business association, they will inform each other of the particular activities of each in order to share them.

“For the Casino de Agricultura to have the support and friendship of the Young Entrepreneurs of Valencia is not only a privilege but an opportunity to exchange experiences and wisdom and makes us see the future with more optimism,” said Manuel Sánchez Luengo, who added: “Our members are united by the desire to know, to learn and to know. They are united by their curiosity and passion for the truth, so having new, young and current ideas and also being able to offer their activities gives us a special value as a society”.

The president of AJEV, Paz Navarro, said that “from AJEV we want to add value to our young companies through collaboration with other entities such as this. We want to give them the opportunity to get to know new spaces, expand their circle of contacts and further nurture the program of activities and events that we offer.”

The Royal Valencian Society of Agriculture and Sports, established in 1859, joined forces with the Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País and university representatives to advance agriculture, industry, and arts. It currently engages in cultural activities and maintains social connections with 60 clubs in Spain and 40 abroad. With its headquarters on Comedias Street, it serves as a meeting point for private members, companies, and offers various services.

The Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Valencia (AJEV) was founded in 1985 with the aim of creating a community and bringing together young people in the province who are at the head of companies. Currently, the association has more than 450 associated companies, from all types of sectors; all united with the common goal of growing and consolidating in the market.

Report by Emily Bray

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 Agriculture Casino of Valencia

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Tel: 963 517 142



Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de Valencia

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Tel: +34 963 51 56 21


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