##The València World Design Capital celebrations 2022 is a creative opportunity to extend collaborations in the art world. Per l’Amor a l’art Foundation within Bombas Gens plan to enhance their collaboration in coordination with the València World Design Capital Celebrations 2022.

Bombas Gens will be aligning its exhibition programme in line with the celebrations. It will also be home to the ‘World Design Exchange’, a meeting between worldwide organisers for the 24 design weeks. The space will be home to creative discussions and perspectives as well as workshops and networking sessions.

Marisa Gallen, president of the València Design Capital Association explained: “Our alliance with the Fundació con l’Amor a l’Art is a good example of how a private entity joins, through its own activities, in the dissemination of design.”

“These alliances allow us to continue telling Valencian society that good design means making good decisions. Bombas Gens has stood out for its excellent use of design, from its architecture and signage to its visual identity. This art centre exemplifies how design contributes to generating a great cultural project”, concluded the designer.

A special exhibition of the collective “El Último Grito” will form part of the celebrations in 2022. Formed by Roberto Feo and Rosario Hurtado, “El Último Grito” will work on a unique exhibit based on the Per Amor a l’Art Collection. This collaboration is one of the few creative projects already closed between Bombas Gens and València World Design Capital 2022. This has been signed by Susana Lloret, vice-president of the Per Amor a l’Art Foundation, and Marisa Gallen, president of the València Design Capital Association, in a joint agreement for activities during 2022.

Susana Lloret added:“Supporting design is essential because, although it is difficult to define, it is easy to perceive. The harmony and balance it creates around us in the spaces and objects that are transmitted by a good design…even if we are not necessarily aware of it.To think design is about making beautiful things is unfair, it gives design an air of superficiality that it does not deserve. In beauty there is balance and harmony, but balance and harmony are much more, they are absolutely necessary. Many people tell me about the good feelings they get when they enter Bombas Gens. Well, these good sensations are also the result of a careful and exquisite design.”

Report by Rebecca Edmundson

Address Av. de Burjassot, 54-56, 46009 València, Spain

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