The Guard of the Way of the Holy Grail establishes its headquarters in Vilamarxant. After a meeting between the Town Council of the town of Vilamarxant and the Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail, the project is consolidated and the headquarters of the Guard of the Way of the Holy Grail is established and the incorporation of the town, by the River Turia, is part of the pilgrimage route of the Holy Chalice.

The Mayor of the municipality, Mr. Xavier Cerda, and the President of the Association, Dr. Ana Mafe, have agreed to work together so that the project of the establishment of the Guardia del Camino by the Asociación Cornetas y Tambores Cadetes del Camino del Santo Grial can become a reality. The initial idea for this project lies with D. Jose Félix Moratal Ballester, Commander of the Valencian Community of the Catholic Order of the Temple and at the same time President of the Association of Cadets, a band of bugles and drums that is based in the town of Vilamarxant.

“Dreams when you put them down on paper can be fulfilled, and this is what has come to pass with the establishment of the Guardia del Camino del Santo Graal”, says Jose Félix Moratal, Commander of the OCT.

The Guard of the Way is composed of 16 members, all of them coming from Cadets of the Way, which have among their missions to protect the image of the replica of the consecrated relic of the Holy Chalice. At the same time, the aim will be to assist pilgrims who walk the road in their municipality and establishing itself as the headquarters of the Guard in other municipalities throughout Spain.

Some of these members belong to the OCT as Knights or novices, and all of them collaborate in  Solidarity Social Work that has been offered constantly to disadvantaged or needy families, through the collection and delivery of food and other goods, thus strengthening each of them in the principles and values of helping others.

For this reason, after this mutual collaboration agreement between the Association of the Way of the Holy Grail and the Town Hall, the headquarters of the Guard is now established in the town of Vilamarxant, in order to promote the Faith for the Holy Chalice. At the same time, it will promote the tourist route of the municipality and its river park, as well as its environment, traditions and gastronomy. In short, a beneficial choice for all parties.

Jose Felix Moratal, President of Cadets of the Way of the Holy Grail adds: “Now it’s time to row in the same direction among all to ensure that this project comes to fruition, the union of synergies of all will be essential, from Cadets of the Way of the Holy Grail, we are willing to get involved to the fullest.”

‘Guards for the Way of the Holy Grail Way’ (Vilamarxant) is a welcome addition for the Valencia Community and for pilgrims who are walking along this historic route.

Report by 24/7 Valencia team

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