Radio City is one of the most vibrant, distinctive clubs in Valencia and is situated in the historic centre of the city. It is a home for urban subcultures, artists and creatives. Radio City is an emblematic venue in the old town of Valencia, known for its relentless energy and attitude. Its colourful nights reference the social, cultural and artistic life of the beautiful city of Valencia. Radio City brings alternative nights to the heart of the historic centre, offering innovative music, live performances, art and culture. The innovative space has stood the test of time; it has been in operation since 1979 and adapting to every decade that it has called Valencia its home. There is an open mentality here at Radio City, it has a dynamic & sought after vibe, paving the way for the artistic cultural scene. It is a multi-space that has not stopped growing.

The enigmatic energy of the nightlife here is undeniable; it is a community which is difficult to not feel caught up in. Musician Jason Faust is no stranger to the venue, often finding himself in the heart of Radio City and playing live there since 2018, he says; “People should definitely expect to dance and to experience a show with a musical message of self-empowerment. All of my original songs are about exploring self and sharing that journey with others to inspire them to grow too.”

Starting the evening with Jason Faust’s live music band, there was an abundance of funk and soul via a cool drummer, soulful vocals, an accomplished pianist & trumpeter, a top bass player and a distinctive saxophonist. There was an array of talent on stage to kick start the night, from incredible vocalists and musicians… to an energetic tap dancer! As the night continues, the energy does not hinder but the pace only picks up. More and more avid music lovers descended on the dance floor and moved ever nearer the stage.

Radio City is a venue which gives visibility to artists and bands. It is here that emerging talents are made and the big names are consolidated; maintaining their role as a vital part of the fabric of musical culture.

Today, it is an international reference and a meeting point for national and international visitors. Radio City prides itself in being a space that has always been based on respect, tolerance and multiculturalism. Hosting an array of musical genres, there is a night for everyone, reggae, techno, Afro beats, house, drum and bass, disco and even live flamenco shows. Tuesday night is ‘Flamenco’ night; Wednesday night is often all about ‘Reggae’ and Sundays nights now has live  jam sessions with free entry! Or check out the midnight DJ sessions throughout the month,Go to the Radio City website to find the perfect night for you.

Report by Alice Teasdale

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia


Radio City

C/ de Sta. Teresa, 19,




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