Radio City is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive clubs in the historic centre of  Valencia, a landmark that has greatly contributed to the development of culture and art in the city. This special bar, located in the old town, opened in 1979 as the first juice bar in Valencia. It was gradually transformed into a home for artists, a nook where they could retreat to create, plot and to imagine some more. A shelter from the storm and place to be your yourself amid the outbreak of urban subcultures and trends that were beginning to take to the streets of Valencia after years of repression and dictatorship.

The Radio City cutting edge period began as soon as it appeared and the ideas owed endlessly. By 1997, no one could stop the growing synergy in the corner of C/ Santa Teresa. Music, art, culture, rebellion and tolerance were some of the words that would shape a constantly evolving, multi-faceted space that has not stopped growing since its inception. Mad scientists roamed within the walls of this cultural laboratory with a single mission: to create a space where everything is possible.

In 1999, after the pub had been providing life and security for more than 20 years to a neighbourhood that seemed forgotten by the local government, residents of C/ Santa Teresa, the local falla and the ‘Hope Without Borders’ organisation did not hesitate to defend Radio City against the attacks and threats of closure to the club. The residents of Velluters, who had suffered the consequences of living in an overlooked neighbourhood for many years saw the good influence that Radio City had in injecting life & culture into their area and making this part of the old town safe again. Joining forces led to a happy ending. Radio City, thanks to the support of its neighbours, could continue their work of spreading a social consciousness, assuming an essential role in the development of the cultural life of Valencia.

The creation of the “little theatre” performance circuit, exhibitions and book presentations were some of the activities that emerged along the way in Radio City, whose only intention was to contribute their grain of sand to re-educating a society that had not yet opened its mind. These visionaries of culture and art have never put aside their ideology based on respect, tolerance and multiculturalism. These were the ingredients for a perfect recipe, the secret of more than 40 years of constant success in making life more fun.

Radio City is still a reference today on the Valencian nightlife scene, with fun guaranteed and a good atmosphere any day of the week. Check out their weekly live music nights of hip-hop, flamenco, reggae, jazz, funk, open mic nights, free discos with diverse genres at weekends and events that make Radio City a unique place where its mantra is ‘Carpe Diem.’

Report by ’24/7 Valencia’ team

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C/ Santa Teresa, 19
Tel: 96 391 41 51
Historic Centre of Valencia


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