Very recently, cocktail bar ‘Maison Lupin’ transported attendees to the opulent and vibrant 1920s. As a way of paying tribute to an era known for its lavish parties, the rise of jazz and extravagant fashion, Maison Lupin promised a night of mystery, glamour and sophistication. The clandestine event in this emblematic cocktail bar, located on C/Almirante Cadarso, welcomed the start of the summer with 1920s costumes, live music, and the mysterious investigation of a “robbery.”

To truly capture the attention and spark the imagination of the attendees, fictitious newspapers were distributed to the elite of Valencian society, full of news about Arsène Lupin’s latest coups: the theft of three valuable pieces: the Princess’s glove, Sherlock Holmes’s pipe and Queen Elizabeth II’s hat. To engage the public even further, they decided to go big and simulate the theft of a tiara, signed by a renowned Valencian designer, Alejandro Resta, and valued at around 10,000 euros. This imaginary story, distributed through a fictitious press release confused the media who called repeatedly to confirm the news – the press was in an uproar – and this was exactly the impact they had hoped for! Press, content creators, and select clients then received cryptic letters with clues to uncover the mystery of the event as their invitations, indicating a strict dress code: elegant suits with braces and hats for the men, and sequinned dresses, feather boas and long pearl necklaces for the women.

During the evening of the event, attendees were given the chance to uncover the mystery of the robbery through strategically hidden clues and find the stolen piece. Tensions increased until they finally managed to open the safe and found Alejandro Resta’s tiara – uncovering one of Lupin’s great masterstrokes!

Cocktails are served in busts of iconic characters, such as King Juan Carlos I, Queen Elizabeth II and of course, Arsène Lupin, and the menu is inspired by the novels of Maurice Leblanc. At the entrance, guests were greeted with a glamorous photocall, draped with a red carpet to capture the essence of the 1920s, and every corner of the Maison was meticulously decorated to immerse guests in this precious world!

Keep a close eye on the next round and become part of the magic and mystery of ‘Maison Lupin’ in the upmarket Valencian barrio of Cánovas!

Report by Jenny Grierson

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’

 Maison Lupin

Calle Almirante Cadarso 12



Tel: 651 661 002


Instagram: @maisonlupin


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