##Are you looking to immerse yourself in a new art exhibition in Valencia? If so, it is worth taking a trip to Bombas Gens arts centre!

Bombas Gens Centre D’Art is a highly popular art gallery in Valencia, set within a 1930s factory; the architecture creates a beautiful contrast to the modern, airy indoor space. The building almost presents itself as an exhibit itself, with gorgeous interiors that maintains the rich history the building has in its makeup. Bombas Gens have also crafted a green space full of vegetable compositions and fruit trees. The lush garden provides a quiet space encouraging you to take stop, reflect and digest the beauty- the perfect spot following an art gallery visit!

The arts centre aims to provide a space that promotes awareness and knowledge of art. They strive to maintain their connection with the community as well as horizons further afield. Regular hosts of educational events for all ages, Bombas Gens are eager to be a reference point in the art world. With a calendar busy with different events for all ages, you can find the perfect event for you!

In collaboration with different international institutions, Bombas Gens is home to the exhibition ‘Blank’ by Irma Blank. Curated by Johanna Carrier and Joana Neves, the exhibition has been carefully designed to fill the magnificent space while maintaining a level of intimacy with each piece, explained Johanna Carrier. Johanna also shared that this intimacy is achievable despite the selection of larger pieces as each marking crafted by Irma Blank remains around the same size… despite the differing in canvases.

The exhibition ‘Blank’ focuses on centres around a drawn form of writing, asemantic writing. Irma has used markings in the form of lines as a replacement of words in exploration of the idea of creating a new form of language. Her earliest series began as a form of self-writing, when Irma moved to Italy and couldn’t speak Italian at the time so began to feel incredibly isolated. So, she began to question the significance of words. Bombas Gens have captured this journey in their curation of the exhibition through inclusion of her earliest work with the series Eigenschriften (1968-1973) to her latest work Gehen (2017).

Irma’s work encompasses the idea that communication is so much more than just words, it incorporates all the senses. Around the exhibition are speakers projecting the sound of Irma’s pen against the canvas as she creates her markings. Visual importance is also highlighted in the showcase of her transcription work, where Irma reproduced the typography of published text from novels, newspapers, essays replacing the text with her markings. The mimetic gesture of her work alludes to an understanding of the work, as you understand the format and begin to interpret her language using your senses.

Report and photos by Rebecca Edmundson

Article and photos copyright Rebecca Edmundson / 24/7 Valencia

Av. de Burjassot, 54-56,
València, Spain
(+34) 963 463 856

‘Blank’ by Irma Blank:

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